Two’s Company – Lily’s Lesbian Fun

He walked in through the garage door and yelled, “Hey hon, are you home?” Not hearing any response, he continued back my bedroom to find me soundly sleeping, naked, with my sex toys spread all over the bed. Two’s company he though as he tried to decide if he should slide in next to me. I was laying there with a content smile on my face. He wondered what I’d been up to. Smiling he turned on the tv to see what the camera had recorded. We have a very open sex life, as long as he knows of what I am up to. The scene on the screen opened with me and my best friend disrobing in the bathroom.

“So, you finally got her!”, he said to himself.

We had often talked about bringing her into the bedroom. For the longest time and he had time and again fantasized about what she looked like naked and what it would be like to fuck her while I watched. I woke up to find him sitting on the bed beside me watching the video. “I see you’ve been busy.” he said as he leaned down to kiss me. “Wait until I tell you everything about last night! Please don’t be angry.” I said. “Why would I be mad?” he asked. “I just watched two beautiful, sexy women make love in the shower. Unless…that’s not everything that happened?”

I looked up at him, knowing how much we loved each other.

I told the story of the other evening that lead up to me and my bestie sharing a shower, every detail, hoping that he would understand. Although he was disappointed that I allowed myself and my friend to get carried away and follow two strangers home, he wasn’t mad. After all, according to my story, neither horny stud laid a hand or a dick on or in me. He knew she was a horny chick, but didn’t realize how much of a slut she really was. As his mind wandered, his thoughts revolved around her.  With all three of her holes full of cock, his own dick became rock hard, requiring my attention.

Seeing his erection struggling within his pants, I reached over and began stroking his cock.  “Let’s see if we can’t take care of this, shall we?  Two’s company, and we always take care of company.” I said with a seductive, knowing smile…

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