Two girls is always better than one!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m bisexual. I love having fun with women just as much as I love having fun with men! Another reason phone sex is a perfect job for me! While I primarily talk to men, I love doing two girl calls just as much! I think it spices things up and makes the experience even more sexy! Today I want to tell you one of my favorite two girl fantasies. Since, Faith is my favorite to play with, we will add her as our second girl in this fantasy.

In this specific fantasy, Faith and I are girlfriends and we have been together for a few years now. One day, we made a tinder account looking to bring in a sexy man to spice up our sex lives. It had been a while since either of us had a man. We eventually find a man excited for some two girl action and we invite him over. Little does he know, we planned on dominating him. We have collected lots of toys over the years and we were excited to use some of them with a man.

Bedroom fun time!

When he arrives we offer him a drink and invite him into the bedroom. Of course things were a little awkward at first but to break past that we all got naked together to remind ourselves what we are here for. Some fun two girl action. We have him lay on the bed and each of us got on either side. Faith and I put cuffs around his wrists and cuffs him to the bed. Then we make our way down to his feet and do the same. Now he can not move and he is getting a little nervous. This is not what he had anticipated. To relax his mind, we start to massage his cock and balls with our tongues and mouths.

Now, it is time to really have some two girl fun with this mans body! Faith gets on top of him and starts riding his cock nice and slow. We can hear moans escaping his mouth. Then, I go ahead and hover my pussy right above his mouth and sit down on his face. I grind my wet pussy on his warm wet tongue. Faith and I start kissing passionately, tasting each others tongues. Once, Faith cums on his cock, we both get up and taste her cum off his hard cock. Now it’s her turn to ride his face and let him taste her pussy juices and I get on his cock. Once, I cum nice and hard we do the same thing. Tasting my juices off of him. We make him cum by both sucking him off and gulping down his creamy cum! Two girls is always better than one!


If you enjoyed this, stay tuned for next weeks blogs coming out on Thursday and Saturday! In the mean time, you might enjoy the audios we have in the shop!


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