The twins working so fast and so in sync had me naked in seconds. I swear they had me on my knees just as fast. I undid their pants and asked their names. They said did it matter really? In that second no it did not. I was soaked and excited just to taste them. As I pulled their briefs down I relieved their still hard cocks. Matching beautiful 9 inch cocks with heavy balls and light hair. 

My mouth was watering at the mere sight. I tried to wrap my hand around one and was shocked to know I couldn’t. To this day pretty innocent college kid who got good grades. At what point did I go from there to kneeling in front of a set of twins without knowing their names.. Soaked for their cocks as I opened my mouth and buried as much of one brothers into my mouth as I could while stroking the other ones.

I loved how they worked together. The twin I was stroking grabbed the back of my hair and moved my head on his brother’s cock. Making me choke it down wet and messy spit sliding down my chin. That’s when I heard him tell his brother he had to try me out. Then another set of hands grabbed my hair yanking me sharply off him. In seconds my mouth was wrapped around the twin cock to the one before it.
Eagerly slopping it up I focused all I could in deepthroating his enormous cock. With me distracted doing that I didn’t realize his twin had moved behind me. I may not have noticed at first but pretty quickly I felt his cock rubbing over my pussy. Me so wet it made sloppy wet noises and I heard them both laugh over me. Then I heard them high five at the same time that he shoved his cock deep into my pussy.

They were sliding their cocks in and out of me again and again at the same exact time. Screaming, orgasming, begging for more. I didn’t think I could take anymore as the identical cock deep in my throat slid out. Gasping trying to catch my breath. I barely felt when the other cock pulled out of me. 

I could feel wetness sliding down my legs from my orgasm. When my classmate pulled me in for a kiss I thought he wanted to cuddle. Then he sat down pulling me into his lap and slid his still hard cock in me. It felt so good I had no objections and started moving on him. That’s when his twin came up behind me. He shoved his cock into my tight ass and I screamed.

I screamed in pain but also in pleasure. They both moved my body between them using me as their fuck toy and I squirted screaming. Feeling them cumming in me as I screamed for them again and again. 

Twins really did have a special connection. I was excited to enjoy the rest of my night with them. 

really hope you enjoyed part 2. To hear the rest of the yummy details  you should purchase my audio where you’ll get to hear all the juicy details.

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