A set of twins. The college party was amazing. I had never done anything like what I craved to do with them before. I wanted to be taken by them to their room by ourselves. This is where the real fun would begin.

At what point had things gone too far I couldn’t say. There were so many things I did I never thought I would. I had arrived at the party in a short kind of flashy dress with friends. The music was blaring and we had been dancing. That’s when I first saw him. We had a class together but had never talked. He was so handsome I walked over and grabbed his hand. 

Leading him onto the dance floor he didn’t even offer a no just followed watching my butt in my skirt. Dancing up against him I felt him hard and slowly ground the front of me against him. I was feeling amazing and wanted to be wild and free. I had just felt his hard cock press against me.

That’s when I felt a new guy press up against the back of me. Looking up expecting my classmate to object I see him grin. That’s when I felt hands turn me around and I knew my back was to my classmate. Yet there he was, or should I say his twin. Looking back and forth I saw they were identical. I was happily surprised. Even more so when he ground up against me and I realized they both shared something else in common. 

They had to both be 9 inches of hard cocks. One pressing against my butt crack. The other nestling between my hips. As they ground against me the one in front of me kissed me and I melted. Kissing him our tongues dancing when suddenly I felt hands on my hips turning me again. Then I was facing my classmate I believe and was kissing him. 

They were in sync with each other. My friends tried to wave me over to leave after awhile and I told them to leave without me. That had been a half hour ago. We danced with them in sync some more and I was so turned on. That’s when they asked me to go to their room. Oh yes finally. I needed to feel those hard twins cock taking me after all this teasing. 

The thought of them shoving those identical hard cocks in me had me soaked through my thong. I wanted to see how identical they truly were. When we arrived at their room they kicked another couple out. Seeing them in disarray trying to dress and leave I should have worried about turning around and doing the same. Instead I walked into the room stopping in the middle. That is when I lifted my arms to the sky. 

“Who’s going to help me out of this dress?” 

The second between them grinning at each other and rushing over to me felt like an eternity. I was rewarded though. They came to each side of me and grabbed the hem of my skirt lifting my dress. It was up and thrown to the ground in moments. Four hands slid up over my exposed skin as two twins mouths sought the side of my neck. 

They bit down on either side of my neck at the same exact time. One twin’s hands relieved me of my bra as the other worked my panties to the floor.

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