TWD- Part Two- Lydia’s Virginity

As Negan’s cock popped out Lydia sat up and stared right at his immaculate 10-inch cock. He grabbed her hand and wrapped it around it. Her virgin pussy was dripping and throbbing. She leaned in and started to suck the perfect tip twisting her tongue around it, Negan moaned as she slid more into her mouth. He began thrusting until his cock was well down her throat. She gagged on his large cock and gasped as he pulled it out of her mouth. It was all wet and sloppy and he just shoved it right back in. she continued to suck his cock making his knees buckle a little bit. Negan took his cock out of Lydia’s mouth and grabbed her hand and wrapped it around his cock and guided her head toward his balls. She sucked on one, then the other, stroking his cock as she went back and forth.

“Fuck Lydia you are so hot I have to have that virgin pussy!”

“I want your cock too Negan!”

He laid her back and got on top of her. He rubbed the outside of that tight virgin pussy all the way up to her clit. She was ridiculously wet, and Negan knew she was ready. He paused right over her hole and slowly pushed the big round tip in. Lydia moaned out as his cock popped in. it hurt at first but as he pushed in deeper it felt so good. She could feel his giant cock stretching her out, and she loved the felling. It made Lydia so much wetter as he pumped deep inside her. Her pussy was so tight around his cock he couldn’t stop moaning. It was the tightest pussy he had ever felt. He loved stroking all the way in and out of her wet tight pussy. His cock began to pulse deep inside her and her legs began to shake and Negan felt a gush of hot wet squirt release all around his cock.

That only made him stroke her harder and deeper, her virgin pussy cuming all over him. She couldn’t stop shaking.

Negan’s cock really was pulsing deep inside her and she could feel it just massaging her where no one had ever touched before. He couldn’t help himself at this point, as his cock began to spray his seed deep inside of her. His cock let loose a giant load and it even was dripping out the sides before he could pull it out. As he pulled it out, they heard an engine coming from in the distance slowly.

He pulled his cock out and licked the outside of her pussy clean. He handed Lydia her pants and looked at her, then his cock. She leaned over to him and stuck his whole 10 inch cock down her throat and sucked it all the way out and it was completely clean. They slid their pants on and an SUV came barreling through the zombies, mowing them down. As it approached the horn started honking and they heard,

“Get the fuck down here you two!”

Come back next Monday for Part 3, until then check out Part 1!

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