TWD- Part One- Lydia’s Virginity

These events are post season ten, four years down the line. Lydia is still a virgin and has been growing closer to Negan as they run together.

Negan and Lydia have been separated from the group. The thoughts of Alpha had been running through Negan’s head, imagining her virgin daughter, watching her running through the woods swerving trees and chopping down walkers. They ran through the woods out onto a highway seeing a water tower in the distance. It was the only true escape from the hoarde for miles, so they sprinted toward it. After 30 minutes of running, they finally reached the tower and started to climb as fast as they could. As the hoarde that followed them and closed around them they realized how many walkers were down there. As they reached the top they collapsed exhausted. Lydia fell asleep on Negan’s arm while he contemplated telling her that her sweet virgin pussy was irresistible.

There is something odd that happens when you are truly fucked…

The truth comes out. Negan just stared at Lydia. They understood each other on a level none of the other survivors could ever. Coming from evil to becoming the best person you can be… in a zombie apocalypse. He just watched her sleep and waited for her to wake up. As she did negan was still watching her and she just batted her eyes awake.

“What’s up did the fuckers learn to climb?”

“No. Lydia there is something need to tell you if we are gonna die here.” He grabs her and pulls her closer. “Ever since Lucille died-“

“Your bat?”

“No Lydia, Lucile was my wife. Before all of this I had a wife, I was a gym teacher, the world wasn’t so fucked.”

“What about her?”

“It’s not about her, its about you. You and she are so alike, so strong, so resilient so sexy.” He leans in for a kiss and she slips him tongue and his hands start moving around her petite body. She had a chill run up her back and all her hairs were standing on end. In the apocalypse its hard for a girl to lose her virginity and Lydia was no exception. Henry got piked before she even thought about it, she had never even gotten close to loosing her virginity. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Lydia’s hand moved to over to his crotch and her eyes opened wide. Negan’s cock was so hard already.

As she rubbed the outside of his pants, she could feel Negan’s hand move to right above her tight little virgin pussy.

She was dripping wet. She had never been touched like that before and she leaned in pushing him harder into her pussy and he felt her juices coming through her jeans. As she rubbed, she felt Negan’s member growing and couldn’t help but notice how big it was. Negan grabbed her jeans and slid them down then spread her legs. He saw that tight Virgin pussy and he couldn’t resist tasting her.

She quivered in sheer extasy as he licked her clit in circles. She was dripping juices down to her asshole so Negan licked it right up. Lydia began to really shake as Negan took a finger and slid it in. he slid his hand up her shirt and felt her tiny erect nipples and began circling them. Lydia moaned and could not believe this was happening. She was so turned on and he was touching her in all the right places. As Lydia’s warm cum started to squirt into Negan’s mouth she knew what had to happen next. She was ready as he slid his pants off.

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