Twas The Night Before Christmas with Ellie and Santa

Twas the night before Christmas, with no one at home.

But I butt ass naked, lying here alone.

Warm massage oils waiting on my nightstand,

With hopes that Santra would lend me a hand.

Impatiently waiting, I lie in my bed,

Visions of Santas cock dance in my head.

My hand slowly moves across my chest, 

Waiting on Santa to kiss on my breast.

My fingers pinched on my hard nipples,

The fire inside me more than triples.

Lower and lower my hand steady goes,

The fire inside me grows and grows.

My pussy so wet as I squirm and shiver,

Tightening up even more as I wiggle and quiver.

I play all alone, filled with Christmas cheer, 

Growing impatient waiting on Santa to get here.

When all of a sudden I heard the door creek,

Santa was standing there sneaking a peak.

He smiled and winked because he liked what he saw,

You come over to Santa and fuck this dick raw.

With that being said, I lay back on the bed

To get Santas present, my legs fully spread.

For hours and hours, he fucked me just right,

Making sweet love till early mornings light.

Smiling together he held me so tightly.

If you’ll be mine Santa, we’d do this nightly.

This is a remake of the classic Christmas story you have all heard as a child. This classic story is now told by Ellie May.  If you like this story you should check out my Erotic Night Before Christmas, the full blog.  You can also listen to me tell this story in an audio blog also.  I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful holiday season and don’t forget the mistletoe!


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