Tutor Fucks Student: Juliet Deflowers Pupil- Part 1

Tutor fucks student Juliet deflowers pupil. One thing men should know one thing about women that when we are horny you cannot keep us away. If anyone knows me knows I am a major a nymphomaniac. My last year of college I need to make extra money outside of my unpaid internship at the marketing company. So I took up being a professional tutor In the student center at my college. I was in a sexual mood for the past couple of days and got tired of jacking myself off multiple times a day.

Multiple times a day rubbing my clit

I need someone to relieve my stress that would be a challenge for me. Knowing I can pick up a guy at a bar or go online and get a blind date instantly to screw. Absolutely need something more fun and new. Having to chance to tutor one of the freshmen  Paul in chemistry. Excited, I leaped at the chance to help a young male. He asked to meet at his dorm room to study so we could have some privacy. We sat at his little desk and he had his chemistry book always there.

Privacy is the least of my problems

Showing up to his dorm room with the baby blue polo top and a white skirt. Mildly dorky with glasses and Japanese Gundam posters with a Justin Bieber haircut. He was cute in a boy meets world sort of way. The way he looked at me stunned he seen the America’s Next Top Model. Stuttering as I entered his room. As we are studying chemistry I noticed Paul occasionally getting distracted by looking at my breast or focusing on my lips instead of the words coming out of them. Looking at Paul.

“Paul are you listening to the words that are coming out of my mouth cause you said the same answer 2 times in the row.” I said to Paul.

Lipping his lips before he drooled to much.

“Yes I am fine. I just am having a little trouble with this concept being.” said Paul.

Dropping my pen on the floor. Bending down I see his dick is so hard it is bulging throw his jean shorts. Rising I give him a big smile.

“It seems like you are really happy to be receiving help.” still grinning I say.   

Confused he looks down and immediately becomes frozen with embarrassment. Tutor fucks student. He excusing himself to the bathroom I reach into my purse and my raspberry flavor bee sting pleasure lip balm to my lips. Walking to the bathroom and I slowly open the door and see Paul with his dick in his hand masturbating.

“Oh sweety you don’t have to do that.” saying to him with my eyes on my dick.

Embarrassed he was beet red in the face.

“I was just so excited to be close to someone as beautiful and smelling as good.”

“Well I don’t want this tutoring to be uncomfortable for you how can I help?” Juliet said with a sly smile.

“Me, I don’t know what you mean. I’ve never had sex before, if that is what your asking.” he said with a big gulp.

“Well maybe we can take this time to learn about human chemistry. For my little virgin.” saying dropping down to my knees and unzipping his pants all the way.

Stroking his dick with my right hand and lifting up my shirt to reveal my bra with the other I saw Paul’s eye intensify. 

“I want you to tell me when you are close, okay Paul?” Juliet said looking at him as I licked the tip of his dick moaning and twisting my nipple.



I hope you enjoy this tutor fucks student story come back on Friday. If you can’t wait till Friday you can purchase my audio version of this blog here. Check out at sexy stories at here.



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