True Sex Story – The Door Dash Guy Delivers More Than Food Part 2

I was so excited to fuck my food delivery guy, it was unreal. He needed to hurry up and get here, but I wasn’t about to text him. The last thing I wanted to seem was desperate.

My hand was almost inside my panties when he knocked on my door. It startled me for a second, then I remembered and hurried to open the door for him. There was no greeting, no hello’s, none of that.

As soon as he saw me, he pulled me close and kissed me roughly on the mouth. I kissed him back, my body trembling with lustful need. He reached up and grabbed a fistful of my hair and slowly pulled my head back to get better access to my neck. His lips pressed against that sensitive area made my entire body shudder.

He backed me up against the wall and moved his hips into mine. My breath hitched as I gripped the back of his neck with one hand and his waist with my other. His lips worked their way down the center of my chest. While his mouth worked its’ way down my body, his hands were pulling off my top. I wanted him to fuck me so bad.

I reached back and unfastened my bra with one hand still on his head. My nipples pulsed as they grew hard. His tongue trailed a beeline straight for my left one. My pussy throbbed as his hands moved all over my stomach and down toward my center.

My hips bucked a little in anticipation.

I started to moan as his hand found its’ way under my panties. Then, he pulled hard on them, tearing one of the sides off. He tugged again and the other side tore with that quick ripping sound. My panties fell uselessly to the floor at my feet.

His fingers were inside me not even a moment later. They invaded my hole. It wasn’t slow and sensual. We weren’t making love. No, we were fucking with an almost animalistic yearning.

Those fingers of his pounded my G spot relentlessly. Needless to say, it didn’t take me long to explode. My creamy juices dripped down his hand.

That was it. He was done fucking around in the metaphorical sense. It was time to fuck around in the literal sense and we were both more than ready.

He lifted me off the ground. I locked my arms around his neck and squeezed his hips with my thighs as he scrambled to pull out his cock. Since I couldn’t see what he was doing, it was a pleasurable shock when he pushed it deep inside me. I was so wet, he slid in balls deep easily.

I moaned loudly as he began to fuck me in short quick thrusts.

His cock hit all the right places at once and I screamed out his name as I came yet again. To finally have a real cock filling me up felt incredible and it was everything I hoped it would be.

After a few minutes, we moved to the couch. He bent me over and started pumping furiously into me. I could feel my orgasm building from deep in my belly. With a furious grunt, I squirt all over his cock.

That was enough. He emptied his balls inside me a moment later. Then, he flopped on the cushion beside me. We stayed motionless for a few minutes before either one of us spoke or moved.

That was just a quickie. And, that was the first of many rounds that night. Maybe I’ll tell you about the rest later.


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