True Sex Story – The Door Dash Guy Delivers More Than Food Part 1

So, because CV is real, I’ve been ordering from DoorDash lately, and honestly, it’s kinda stuck with me. Sometimes you don’t wanna cook and people are a little less…ew, cooties these days. It’s quite nice.

Anyway, there’s this guy who has brought me my food on a few occasions. Each time we’ve flirted. It was always kind of innocent, but now that things are starting to go back to normal (kinda), well, it’s gotten a little less innocent.

At first, it was some smiling and eye contact. Then, each time he came by, it would get a little more intense. Like his fingers touching mine when he handed my food over. Or, the last time, he gave me a hug. And his number. It was then that I knew we were going to fuck…eventually.

We started texting each other and it made my panties wet every time, too. He’s built, but not like the Hulk. He has these eyes I could just fall into. His arms and hands make me want to misbehave just so he’d grab me and pull my hair.

Then the sexting started.

When he first told me he was attracted to me, I jumped all over it. He doesn’t have a lot of time to talk on the phone because he’s usually driving. But, I know it gives him some jerkoff material for later. That, and it gives me fingering material in the moment. This guy has made me cum so many times just over text messages. I wanted him…badly.

So, one morning, I sent him a message and told him how horny I was. All I wrote was “I want you. Tonight.” He asked me how I wanted him, what position, where in my apartment, what time? He told me all the naughty things he wanted to do to me. 

They were all the things I love, too. Hair-pulling, spanking, a little choking, some BDSM stuff, and generally rough sex. Of course, I reciprocated and told him what I’d wear for him.

The anticipation was almost literally killing me. I spent the day playing with my pussy off and on. No, I didn’t let myself cum. I wanted him to make me do that.

In my head, I kept picturing how it would happen.

It had been so long since I’ve felt a real cock inside me. Toys are nice, don’t get me wrong, but I wanted and needed to get pounded. My pussy was starving, aching, and dripping.

At about nine, I started getting ready. I took a shower, shaved everywhere, and put on the outfit I had picked out. It was a sheer babydoll top with spaghetti straps. Red, naturally. It’s the color of passion after all. Under that, I wore a matching black push-up bra and thong set. To pull the look together, I wore a pair of black stockings with tiny red bows on the cuffs.

While I waited for him to show up, I sat on my couch and teased my pussy over my panties. I was so fucking excited to touch, suck, and fuck a real cock again. My clit got hard while I thought about my delivery guy. By then it was so sensitive because of how much I’d been playing with it. I knew I was going to cum so hard and I couldn’t wait.


To Be Continued…


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