True Domination, Wonder Woman and The Lasso of Truth

Wonder Woman, Princess Diana of Themyscira is a true Dominatrix. As an Amazonian woman of the island of Themyscira, she knows their true domination of men. Diana believes power is attained through love. Although she is the daughter of Queen Hippolyta, she doesn’t have a father. Queen Hippolyta created her out of clay. The gods of Olympus brought to her to life. She is Wonder Woman to the rest of the world. Diana Prince is her secret identity.

Diana found the world outside of the island of Themyscira to be a patriarchal society out of balance. She set out with her true sovereignty powers to balance those scales and teach men to respect women. After the death of her true love, Steve Trevor, she took slaves of men in power. Understanding that they needed a lesson in respecting a woman’s power. Using her golden lasso, the Lasso of Hestia, she got the truth from these powerful, corrupt men. She used the many skills she learned from the Amazons to turn them with pain and pleasure into good, female-respecting men.

Recently, the Joker and Harley Quinn captured one of Wonder Woman’s key slaves. She set out to get her banker back with all of her true domination powers. Wonder Woman located their newest hideout in an abandoned warehouse. She scouted the warehouse and found the Joker alone, but he was not her objective. She needed to retrieve her slave and stop the Joker from getting him to divulge key information.

“He must be letting Harley have a little fun first. Good.” Wonder Woman thought.

She quietly skirted the area where she found the Joker and continued to search for Harley Quinn and the banker. Soon, Wonder Woman found her slave and Harley Quinn. Sure enough, Harley was up to her usual crazy games. Obviously, Harley Quinn had tied-up the banker. “She was good at bondage and has true domination powers. Such a shame that the Joker turned her insane.” Wonder Woman thought as she watched the lascivious teasing by Harley and her slave’s eagerness to do whatever that crazy, little bitch wanted. Diana was impressed by her slave’s control in the face of such a crazy, lusty show. Harley Quinn was certainly a beautiful, intelligent woman. It was a shame that her love for the Joker had twisted and warped her mind.

Diana couldn’t help but get a bit excited herself at the sight of Harley’s gyrations with her sexy ass and then flashing those perky tits. She edged closer and waited for the perfect opportunity to free her slave without Harley alerting the Joker. She got into position and waited. Diana was aroused watching her slave, in agony, masturbate while tied-up for the hot blonde. Wonder Woman knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer and it seemed that Harley Quinn knew too. She got ready to pounce. When she saw Harley Quinn get down on her knees and stick out that sexy, teasing tongue, she pounced. Wonder Woman’s slave could hold out no longer despite all of her true sovereignty sessions. He let out one of the biggest loads of cum she’d ever seen from him. He would have to be punished for it, but that would come later.

Wonder Woman sprang from her concealed position as her slave’s cum covered Harley Quinn’s face.

She was both furious and seriously aroused.  Her arousal wasn’t because of her slave’s cum. Wonder Woman’s arousal was caused by Harley Quinn at that moment. “She’s quite powerful in her own crazy, slutty way.” Diana thought as she released her golden lasso and caught Harley rising to her feet. She wrapped the lasso around her and pinned her arms tight to her sides. Harley Quinn’s surprised face was much more interesting than her slave passed out, spent, and tied to the chair.

“I’ll deal with him later. Now, to you” She said in true sovereignty style to Harley. Then Wonder Woman jerked her lasso and pulled Harley Quinn in close. “What does the Joker want with him?” she said. Harley had no choice and replied truthfully, “He doesn’t want him. He doesn’t know that he’s your slave.”

Diana looking deeply into Harley’s eyes and pulling her so close that their breasts were pushed tightly together. “Why did you capture him, Harley?” Wonder Woman demanded.

“I knew you would come for him.” Harley Quinn blurted out. Then she struggled in the lasso and rubbed up against Diana as she continued, “I had to see you again.”. At that moment, Wonder Woman became intensely aroused. This strong and beautiful, but crazy woman’s infatuation or obsession caused her arousal. She knew how she could get her slave. Plus, ensure that the Joker wouldn’t be coming after them.

Part 2 coming in 2 days!

True Domination, Wonder Woman and The Lasso of Truth Part 2

If you don’t want to wait to find out what is going to happen next, you can check out my audio blog True Domination, Wonder Woman and The Lasso of Truth Parts 1 & 2!

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