True Domination, Wonder Woman and The Lasso of Truth Part 2

We pick up with Wonder Woman pulling Harley even closer. She whispers in a low, husky voice, “So, now you see me.” and then she lets her top slip down so that her bare breasts are pressing against Harley’s bare breasts. Using her Amazonian true sovereignty powers, she reached up with her free hand and grabbed Harley by the back of the neck drawing her cum-covered face to her own. Wonder Woman looked deeply into Harley Quinn’s eyes and laid a sensual, lusty kiss on those luscious lips tasting her slave’s cum and Harley Quinn’s tongue. After a few long, lusty moments, Wonder Woman released Harley and she swooned to the floor. Taking a moment to look at her gorgeous body and once again regretting that she was bat-shit crazy, Diana released her slave, picked him up, and left to punish him.

Wonder Woman returned to her apartment and secret true domination chamber in an angry but aroused state. She placed her slave in the chamber with all her tools of arousal and corporal punishment. She left him for a bit with his limp dick out of his pants and some cum on his hands. Diana wanted to punish him now but wanted to give him time to recover before she used her skills. She had to make sure that Harley Quinn got no information. Also, she needed to teach and punish this slave. This particular banker had been a total misogynist when she first met him. He believed that men were superior and women were nothing but sex objects.

Wonder Woman had totally pounded out his superiority with true sovereignty and made him realize through love using the pain with pleasure method.

He was a trusted slave and didn’t even know the knowledge that he held for the Justice League. She realized that she still had the taste of her slave’s cum and Harley Quinn on her lips. She needed to be clean and fresh before she woke her slave for another taste of her true sovereignty. Diana stripped down completely freeing her large breasts from her corset-like top. Then she slipped off her skirt and let her panties fall to the floor. She looked at her naked body in the full-length mirror on the wall. Comparing her Amazonian body to that of Harley Quinn. Where her strength was visible in the muscularity typical of an Amazon, Harley had hidden strength in those luscious curves. Now even more aroused, Diana, showered quickly and returned to her hidden chamber completely naked except for her high-heeled boots.

Before Wonder Woman roused her slave, she stripped him naked and put his flaccid dick in a special cock cage. He’d been in one for quite a while before he broke and this evening’s circumstances put him back into it at least for the foreseeable future. It all depended on what he’d told Harley Quinn before she’d arrived. Using her Amazonian strength and true domination, Diana easily lifted and positioned him on his knees with his back to a custom post. She was able to secure his wrists behind his back around the post and essentially, hog-tie him to the post before she slapped him awake.

He came awake to her superior, naked body so stunned that he couldn’t speak.

He had never seen her completely naked before and the atmosphere of true sovereignty and sheer strength was thick in the air as much as the scent of her arousal. “What did you tell her, slave?” Wonder Woman demanded as she flung her golden lasso out to wrap around his bound form. Still stunned by the sight of his goddess, he could do nothing but sputter and squirm in the lasso’s embrace. Wonder Woman tightened the lasso and he burst out, “Nothing! Nothing. They didn’t question me. Please Mistress, Wonder Woman, please!” Satisfied that her slave had spoken the truth. Diana quickly released him and coiled up her lasso.

“That is good. That is very good for you,” she said as she strode back and forth in front of him. “Do you know why they picked you?” she said calmly. He was baffled and said as much. “They didn’t even rob the bank. I really don’t know. They’re both crazy, Mistress Wonder Woman.” he said in response to her aura of true domination. She looked at him and her features softened as she reached out and stroked his cheek. “That is good,” she said in a soft, purring voice that he loved so much. Then Wonder Woman gave him a deep kiss. “You still need to be punished. You understand?” she said in a whisper so close he felt her hot breath. He moaned as she grabbed his nuts. “You will have to be in the cage for a bit, but I think that is punishment enough, this time.”

He sagged in relief against the pole and Wonder Woman rose.

In true domination form, she was gentle as she untied her slave. She still believed in the power of love and she loved all her slaves. They were only men that needed to understand the power of love and learn respect for women.

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