True Age Play Story – Babysitting With My Boyfriend Part 2

If you have been following my story, I had gone to my boyfriend’s house for the weekend to help him with babysitting his younger step-sister, and we had all just settled in for a movie. I didn’t think anything of it at first, I figured he was just comforting her until she spoke and said, “Can we do that thing we use to do? The thing I like? It’s been a while since you played with me, ever since you started dating Hailey.”

I then looked over and had a very confused look on my face. What do you mean sweety? I asked. 

With a smile, Lilly looked at me and said, “before my stepbrother started going out with you, he used to play games with me.” Me, still confused and shocked, I asked “what games did you guys play?” Lilly bit her upper lip before speaking again.

“We would play a game where I would have to lay back and let my stepbrother lick my sweet naughty parts. He really enjoyed that game, and so did I.”

As soon as she said that my mouth dropped open. Embarrassed and nervous, my boyfriend gave me a look of sadness and worry. 

“Let me guess, you no longer want to be with me right?” I looked up at him with a puzzled look and I let out a sigh. “You know, you test my limits every time we’re together. Why not let me join in, and let’s all play with each other?”

As soon as I made the suggestion, Lilly’s ears perked up and she got so excited.

Before we could even get up from the couch, Lilly had already stripped down to nothing and had made her way over to the bed. I felt so wrong looking at her young body, but she was so beautiful, with her small tits, her bald pussy, and her cute little legs. I couldn’t wait to taste her.

My boyfriend then got up on the bed where Lilly was laying and he had guided his cock into her mouth. “Lick it like a Lollipop like we talked about honey,” he said. “Just like we talked about, just like that.” As she continued to slowly lick and suck my boyfriend’s cock, I went down and spread Lilly’s little legs, kissing and nibbling on her thighs. I rubbed her clit with one finger, making her squirm and moan, making her feel so good with my teasing. 

This went on for a bit. Then, my boyfriend said, “you know, I think you’re ready to be a big girl now. Are you ready for your first cock?” he asked. Then he turned to me asking if I would give him permission, and of course, I did.

It’s probably gonna hurt Lilly, can you handle that? It will only last for a few seconds, I said, trying to relax her, as she began to shake. Remember, this is just our little secret Lilly. You want to be a big girl right?

I know that this week’s post wasn’t an entire giveaway, but I hope you guys can help me give it a good ending. Be sure to check out my audio, for a more explicit details if you like what you see here. I promise it will be worth it.

I  hope you’ve enjoyed my true age play story. Make sure you check out Part 1.

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