True Age Play Story – Babysitting With My Boyfriend Part 1

Everyone loves a good true age play story, especially when it just so happens to be true. I know you guys just love when I have true stories to share, and this week, I tried something totally new, and let’s just say, things got a bit wild and I explored a side of myself I didn’t even know I had.

I had recently started dating this guy, and we were really starting to hit it off. He was amazing. Very attractive for once, had a nice car, a good job, and he even owned his own house. I felt like such a winner, and I finally felt like I found my perfect match. However, I would really discover that he would be the one to push my limits sexually and experience and explore with situations I had never done, starting with this one in particular.

Like I had mentioned before, my boyfriend had his own place. It was a very nice little house in a quiet neighborhood overlooking a small river across the way. It was perfect, and every time I was with him he always made it seem like a romantic getaway. 

My boyfriend also is very close to his family and is always willing to help his parents out when they need it. 

They were going away for the weekend and had asked my boyfriend if they could watch Lilly. She was his younger step-sister. I had met Lilly a couple of times, and she was a good girl. She enjoyed watching tv shows like Paw Patrol and her favorite animals were cats.

And she absolutely loved unicorns. 

She had the cutest little strawberry blonde pigtails, and she loved hanging out with me because she enjoyed it when I would do her nails and make up for her for fun. 

When my boyfriend asked me if I also wanted to spend the weekend at his house and help him with babysitting, of course, I said yes. I loved spending time with Lilly, and of course, it would give us more time to hang out and bond as a family.

Like I said before, the three of us had spent time together, so I never expected things to take a turn. But as the night went on, things only got more and more insane, and there was no turning back

Friday night when Lilly’s parents dropped her off, we decided to have pizza night with some Disney movies. Lily loved the Little Mermaid, so we picked that one to watch first.

The three of us decided to snuggle up on the couch together, my boyfriend and I cuddled up together with Lily in our laps. She began to nuzzle herself into my boyfriend’s shoulder, smiling as he began stroking her hair gently.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my true age play story so far.  Make sure and check out part 2 on Thursday.

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