My true story about when I was sensually seduced by my best friend. We were roommates and best friends our whole lives. I never knew he wanted more. I hope you enjoy part one of my sensual tale of Traci’s Best Friend Seduces Her- A Sensual Phone Sex Tale-Part 1

Traci’s Best Friend Seduces Her- A Sensual Phone Sex Tale-Part 1

I let out a sigh as I roll my head in a circle, trying to loosen the tight muscles of my neck. “You ok, Trace?” my roommate and best friend asks. “My neck is sore from all these hours spent in front of the computer at work. I think I slept wrong last night also.” I say with a groan. He walks over and starts rubbing my shoulders, “How about a glass of white and a foot rub? I picked up a your favorite”. I smile and tell him that sounds amazing. “You always know exactly what I need,

“You are the best!”

He rolls his eyes and walks into the kitchen to grab me a glass. I hear him call out, “Oh yea, that’s why you friend-zoned me.” Laughing I shake my head at him as he comes back with my drink, “You’re crazy! You’ve never thought of me that way!” I joke with him as I put my feet up in his lap. I’ve always had a secret crush on him but never let myself dwell on it cause his friendship means more than anything else. He gives me his “Yea Okay Whatever” Look that lets me know he thinks I’m crazy.

“Haven’t I?”

He says as he grabs some lotion and starts rubbing my feet. I stare at him in shock as he looks down and concentrates on what his hands are doing. Squeezing and sliding those strong hands up and down the arch of my foot, sliding in between my toes. I let out a moan as he gently massages from my ankles down to my toes. I curl my toes in pleasure and he raises his eyes to me. “You have the prettiest feet, Trace. I kind of want to bite them” he says with a grin. My eyes sparkling mischievously over the rim of my glass, I can’t help but say

“Well go ahead then. How can I deny you that simple pleasure?”

His hands become very still as he looks at me. Slowly he raises my foot to his lips and places a soft kiss on the end of my toe. A shiver slides through my body at the feel of his mouth on my foot. I let out a gasp and stare at him as he slowly moves his mouth from my toe to the arch of my foot. Letting his tongue slide over the arch before he nibbles gently. He nibbles his way back to my toes where he licks and sucks each individual toe. Feeling his tongue slide in between my toes and his mouth sucking on them makes me so hot. I never knew foot play was so sensual.

“MMM that feels so good”

He looks up at me with a grin and says, “Does it? How bout this?” He slides his mouth along my foot, up to my ankle. Once there he starts slowly kissing and rubbing my leg, first one then the other. Nibbling here and there. When he reaches my knees, the feeling of his tongue sliding along the back of my knee causes me to moan out loud. “Good Lord you are good at that!” I say. He chuckles against my inner thigh before biting and causing me to gasp. “Want to see what else I’m good at?

Let me out of the friend zone, Trace, please.”

He looks at me with those gorgeous eyes that never fails to have me agreeing to anything. “I don’t want to lose you or our friendship.” I whisper. Raising up and grabbing my glass, he sits it to the side and then grabs my face. “Nothing in this world would ever make me leave you.” He says before gently kissing my lips.

I hope you enjoyed part one of my sensual phone sex story. Be sure to come back on Friday for part two of Traci’s Best Friend Seduces Her- A Sensual Phone Sex Tale-Part 2. Furthermore, if you can’t wait until then, you can purchase my audio blog and then hear it in my sexy voice.

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