Toy playtime, the lonesome vibrator with Mackenzie, but she is not alone part 2

In case you did not read the first half, let me catch you up on my toy playtime blog. I bought myself a fun little remote-controlled vibrator to help keep me company during these hard times.
Well, I had met a cute hottie on a dating site and had worked up the courage to share the link for him to control the toy one night.
Things started off pretty quickly with him after dinner, because our texting convo went straight into play after we both had eaten.

Normally, up to that point, the texts would be sporadic throughout the night.

However, not on this night- he started with how sexy he found me. I think he was excited for me to play with my vibrator toy, and I was equally as excited as him. At that moment, he texted how badly he wanted to slide his member in and out of every hole I had. Which of course made my body react. I laid down on my bed and was beyond comfortable. However, my pussy began getting wet and started to drip at my opening.  I grabbed my vibrator from the nightstand, and I was ready for toy playtime. Hearing him describe his lust and passion for me, made my nipples had become erect. With each word, they became more and more sensitive to the touch of my bra against them.

My hips began to gyrate and my skirt worked its way up, exposing my thighs.

I had gone commando the minute I got home, my cupcake was warm and swollen most of the day thinking of what was in store for my night. I decided to lift up my bum and slide my skirt off. Deciding to raise the bar a bit, I then sent a picture of my lower half. Just a peek-a-boo of my pussy and all of my thighs in their glory. He must have enjoyed the view because he sent me a picture of his cock, hard and veiny. My mouth watered craving to taste him, attempting to swallow him whole.

I was beyond horny at this point; therefore, his picture sent me right over the edge.

I slid my hand down and cupped my pussy. Goddamn was I soaking wet. My hand covered in my milky cream, which was odd, because I had not put in any work yet. I asked him if he was ready to take this to the next level? But, before I could even send my text, he was calling me. He had already downloaded the app to control my toy playtime. I nervously bit my bottom lip, copied the link code, and sent it to him. Instantly, my clit started to pulsate as I reached for my toy, getting prepared to link it. I could smell the perfume that was me because I was so horny. With him in my ear, this was not going to take much to send me over the edge. He texted that he got the link, at that moment my toy’s antenna blinked blue.

“Holy shit!”, I exclaimed, there was no going back now.

The toy began to vibrate in my hand. He called me, and at that moment he asked me if my toy was against my pussy like his tongue would be. I placed it against me and moaned. He began describing how he was going to place his tongue firmly against my love button, my hips slid down into my bed, anticipating the upcoming orgasm that he was about to create. My legs were beginning to quiver, just as the pace of the vibrator intensified. He then began describing how he would have two fingers inside me, carressing my g-spot while his tongue flicked and suckled my clit. I could feel my body temperature rising as if I could feel his warm breath on my pussy. Which at this time was dripping and pulsating– he told me I needed to push it in a little more inside my warm hole.

Just as I did, that sent me over the edge.

I began to moan louder and scream his name. My body clenching tight as my pussy came with the rhythmic beat of my toy. “Good girl, that was a good one, huh?” He asked as he lowered the vibrato of my toy. Afterward, catching my breath I said it was time to switch my focus to him, I wanted to hear him jerking off, I needed to hear him moan and cum for me. “Now, if I was there with you, I would be having myself kneeling comfortably in between your thighs, one arm on each of them. My mouth teasing just the head of your cock.” I pushed the egg deeper inside me immediately causing me to cum again. Then, I described how I would love to engulf his cock with my mouth, enjoying the no gag reflex.

Keeping his girthy manhood down the back of my throat.

Holding it there, feeling him throb. I could hear him changing his pace around his cock, matching with my description of bobbing my head and suckling his cock. Telling he was getting close, due to his breathing cadence changing, I increased the speed on my toy. Which at this time was now way inside my dripping wet pussy. Telling him how badly I wanted us to cum together, my body was shaking against my bed. This orgasm was going to be as big as his was going to be. Or so I hoped it would be. Both of us moaning and gasping for air, playing as if we needed these explosions to keep going in life.


And those were magic words to my ears! I was cumming along with him, my lower half gyrating, the toy being pushed out slightly by my pussy muscles wanting to explode. It was that moment, it shot out, and a gush of me came out right after. Holy shit, I squirted. That had never happened before, until now, at least when playing solo, I never squirted. I giggled and told him what a mess he had caused. After a few silent moans, we said our thank yours and our goodnight. This toy playtime was memorable to say the least.

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