Toy playtime and the lonesome vibrator with Mackenzie, but she is not alone part 1

Everyone knows when you start dating someone, how hard the time apart can be. Personally, I can get attached really quickly, especially if someone is good with their dick and gives me amazing orgasms. Couple it with the situation with our current pandemic, I am always horny and not always able to make it go away. Thank you, Covid-19 for making sexy time even harder for me. I work two jobs and so there is minimal time for myself. With that said, clearly, I am dealing with a negative trifecta in my sex life. Other than some vanilla toy playtime, I do not see much action.

Well, that is why I went out and spoiled myself, by buying myself a remote control vibe toy.

You know, one of those ones that can be controlled via an application on your phone. Ohhh, I was beyond excited to try it out. It had so many features; different speeds and settings, the ability to connect to an audiobook or music track, and of course being controlled by someone far away. That is really what sold me. I could give my code to whomever I wanted and they could help me get off wherever, whenever, and whatever they felt like. 

This baby fit perfectly just outside my pussy, and it nestled right into my cupcake. It sat perfectly against my love button, and just a bit of the bulb poked inside my hole. However, it also fit like a glove when I slipped it inside of me. Leaving the remote antenna part just rightfully aligned with my clit. My goodness, this toy was a match made in heaven! I was already in love with it, what little bit I was able to have toy playtime and enjoy it on my lonesome solo nights. It was a powerful little devil, causing me to cum and quiver as if someone was with me. At one point I came so hard, I squirted and shot it out of my pussy and onto my bed. With that said, let’s hope Kenzie can remember to charge it better than she does her cell phone. 

I recently met a cute little thing off of one of those dating sites, but not ready to meet in person.

We opted to text and call one another for now. A few of our late night conversations got naughty, and a few pics of my tits here, and a couple of cock pics from him there. His member was thick and girthy in all of the right places. Looking at his pics made my pussy instantly twitch and demand feeling him inside. After about a week of sexting, I decided to be a big girl and tell him about my toy. Explain to him what was making me cum so hard when we talked. He was immediately intrigued and wanted to use it with me, or on me I guess is the proper way to word that. 

We sexted all day, my body was on fire all day at the idea of him controlling my toy. I knew he was as eager to use it as I was to cum from it, that I knew it would be a body shaking, cum squirting, moaning loudly kind of time. 

To be continued …

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