Before we can play I need to know the size of your dick. If it is not at least 7 inches you have no chance of fucking me with that tiny dick. 


Warning fellas this one here may hurt your feelings read at your own risk. 


6 inches and well I may let you eat it without laughing at that tiny baby carrot thing you call a dick. Maybe, but pretty doubtful. I mean what is the point? You can’t hit my g spot with that. I won’t fully embarrass you and harass you though because well at least you kind of hit manhood. 

Now if you have less than 5 inches… Ha let the games begin. 


You may as well put on panties and rub on your own clit. I mean what is that thing? That is what it looks like a long clit. Your balls are bigger than that little thing you call as pee-pee. I refuse to call it a dick. I have seen lollipops larger than that thing. As a matter of fact, how many poor woman have you tricked into fucking you? Can she even feel that thing? I highly doubt it. 


I am going to call you Clitty from now on. With that sorry excuse for a dick. My sons had larger dicks when they were in the 3rd grade then you have as a grown man. You may as well have been born a woman Clitty you are a sorry excuse of a man. You are hung like a grape. If I wanted grapes I would drink wine not play with that pea-cock. 


I mean don’t get me wrong there is plenty of fun I can still have with your clit sized weenis. To tell the truth, it will just be at your expense. 


Humiliating you until you fully understand just how ashamed you should be. That tiny dick of yours will be the topic of my jokes for months. There should be a tattooed warning across your forehead that reads TINY DICK ALERT, so women do not waste their time on you. It is pretty pathetic. There are tampons that are larger than your pee-pee. 


Not to mention, finding the G-spot is difficult for most men with big beautiful dicks. What makes you think I would even let you attempt to find it when you are not equipped with a tool large enough to reach it. Have you seen the size of my ass? By the time you got past my juicy booty meat there would be nothing left to stick in my pussy. 


So let me get out my chopsticks so that I can properly examine that shrimp crank and decide exactly what to do with it. Yeah, see even that is not enough. I know I have a magnifying glass somewhere around here. While I am searching for that I will be sure to grab some toys so you can see just what a real dick looks like. Even my butt plug for beginners was bigger than that tiny Vienna sausage in between your legs. 


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