Back for more laughter? That tiny dick of yours has already provided me with hours of entertainment. By all means though I have plenty more names I can call you. 


Now that you fully understand just how entertained I am by that cementer peter let me tell you just what I would do if you took that itty bitty tic tac out in front of me.


To start, I am going to make you take off those boxers and put on a pair of panties to go with that lady cock you have there. Secondly I am going to get my phone out and Face time all of the other Goddess. So we can all laugh at that tiny diet-cock. I am going to get out my tweezers and microscope for them so that they can find it. I mean when I first looked at that thing I assumed you were a woman with a pussy hiding behind those pubes. 


While all the Goddess are laughing at you and calling you names like pencil dick, chopstick dick, nipple cock, and penis poppers I will go get one of those hollow strap on’s for men. Not because I ever intend to fuck you even with a big ole strap on, but because I want you to put it over that poor excuse of a midget digit. You need to see what a real dick looks and feels like.


I mean seriously finger condoms are too big for that tiny thing. Are you even hard? I can not tell the difference. 


I am pretty sure that Your stubble has more penetrating power. Listen closely can you faintly hear the chorus of a thousand ants laughing at your baby penis. I can! Seriously my lipstick is bigger than that she-cock . I just can’t get over it if it was not for your Adam’s apple I would swear you were a chick. It is so small I can’t even justify letting you eat my pretty little pierced pussy. What a waste of a man you are.


I want you to put that hollow strap on and jack it off. I want you to see just what it feels like to have your dick inside that big hollow strap on. Does it show you just how inadequate you are? How teeny tiny that clit-cock is.


Eventually, when I am done calling you names. I am going to lay here and fuck myself with this great 10 inch dildo while I laugh at you. Make you watch me as I slide all 10 inches inside my wet tight hole. All while I laugh at you. I want you to know that this toy will get me off way before you ever could with that tiny tragedy tinkie winkie. Once I get off from my big fat dildo Clitty, I am going to suck on it. Tasting all my delicious sweet cum that you and your tiny piece of chewing gum were not man enough to handle. Making you wish yours was big enough to be this blessed. 

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