Tinder Date turn into Submission Slave-Part 2

Tinder date turn into submission slave. It was a little shocked but not fully surprised. Now all the pieces are adding up as to why he was so nice and pleasant. He is was an submissive person, he is a sissy slave. I like sissy slaves. He was the perfect example of someone who I can be a good slave. Wanting to test that out tonight with my tricks and toys. As we were sitting and talking about interest and desires I noticed the collar around your neck. Intrigued I ask you questions about what kind of submissive are you?

Do you like to be spanked or flogged?

What is your ideal dress code while submitting yourself to me?

Are you a bondage or gag flex active?

Answering my questions with ease and precision. Ready to be mine for the night, I can tell. Eating dinner you only order healthy items. Why did you only order small sides to eat? You said that you might taste delicious to your mistress and that things you are eating are so your cum taste good. Cum eater are my favorite. When ready to go you began walk behind me in leading up to the room. Opening all the doors, pushing all the buttons for the elevator and unlocking the door to our room. Telling you to get naked while I set out the toys. You set some out as well and a pair of heels.

Love with the idea of being humiliated for like feminine things and not being man enough.

Going into the bathroom I change into a corset and panty with garner set that I had also picked up from the store. Put on 3 cock rings now I scream! Coming out of the bathroom you are on your knees on the floor with a chain attached to your collar stockings and the high heels on. Grabbing my whip I ask you some questions about how you feel and who you are too me. Beg. Plead. Smacking my whip in my hand. Bowing to the ground you worship me. Quivering a the whip against you back you surrender that tight white pale ass to me. Standing up I take your chain and walk you around the room.


Snapping pictures of your ridiculous body in those heels. Frighten but satisfied, Tinder date turn into submissive slave. I threaten you. How many people do you to see these pictures? Your friends? Workmates? Pathetic! Giving you instructions to put your hand on your dick and tie it up. Bonding you dick and balls together I laugh at your light weep. Telling you to stroke more you do a good job getting yourself to a good place. STOP! You remove your hands. About to cum weren’t you? Can not cum until I tell you to? Stroke again. Harder. Faster. Cumming on your face. Eat it. Lick it from the floor and trash I told you to shoot it in. So sloppy and pathetic can’t even shoot straight. On your knees thanking me. Packing up I leave.

Same time next week, good slave.

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