Tinder Date turned in Submissive Training-Part 1

Tinder date turned into submissive training. Some times when I get bored I need a new distraction to entertain me. It is not always about sex. Connecting with a person is very important to me. I am very sensual woman, that does not always need physical touch to be deeply or superficially connected to someone. Scrolling through Tinder I look for men and women who I can view as hookups, friends and potential short term relationship. Most night this is my guilty pleasure routine before bed. As I was driving to another client for work I decided that I wanted to meet with one of my Tinder matches that I thought was a good potential for light physical contact. Answering back messages to matches that I plan on meeting later in the week or month.

You I find first hoping you answer right away.

Sending you a message of an potential meeting at a secluded place like the Hyatt hotel. Continuing my routine to the male specialty clinic I hear a ping on my phone from Tinder notifications. Before getting out the car at the clinic I look through my notifications and find the one that is yours.

“Great meet up at 7 ;)” you replied.

Excitement rose within me in anticipation of meeting you made me smile. Messaging back in forth for the pass 3 weeks have showed an wonderful dynamic between us. Giving me the since that you are a really nice guy that does not have overtly solid control issues. In fact you had a very surrendering way about you I can tell through message. Always asking for permission to speak or ask a question. Maybe it is good manners or something else. Cant wait to find out. We agree to meet at 7 in the Hyatt hotel bar and restaurant. Finishing my shift at 4 it gives me enough time to shop for a new outfit and maybe some fun toys we can use. We talked about how you are the adventurous type.

Try anything new, once or twice if you naughty 😉

So I am thinking you do not mind things like cock rings, dildos and whips. Experimentation! That is what I am into and it seems like you were into it as well. Picking out a sexy leather black mini dress and my usually LV heels I was excited for tonight. Packing a overnight bag with my new and old sexual toys. Getting to the hotel first, I go to the reservation front desk and ask about the reservation you said you made.

Oddly enough the concierge was extremely pleasant and accommodating.

It was nice but left me suspicious. She grasped at the sight of your name on the screen and handed me the key card with such an huge grin. Going to the hotel bar and restaurant interest my eyes scan the room for you. The hostess ask me is my party already here or am I waiting for someone and I tell her I am not sure. Then we connect eyes. Skinnier than I expected but average height with glasses just like the picture. Rushing to me to take my hand. Immediately, you started apologized for next texting me the exact moment I got there. I told you it is okay and forgive you. Pulling out my chair I sit down. Take a large drink of water you remark how happy that I came.

You are way more prettier than you photo. I can not wait to be your sissy, mistress. 

I hope you enjoy this tinder date turn in submissive training story come back on Friday. If you can’t wait till Friday you can purchase my audio version of this blog here. Check out more stories like this one from me here.

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