Time to pop my cherry with Cinnamon at this sex club!

Let me tell you how going to a sex club I had my bi-sexual cherry popped with a great Lady named Cinnamon!  I found out about this great club in the city.  Even though I have never been there before,  I wanted to experience it.

I dressed carefully to go to this sex club and I wore a very short skirt made of black lambskin leather with a matching thong.  I wore stiletto heels and to complete the outfit I wore a silk see through blouse that buttoned up the front and of course no bra.

Walking up to the unmarked door of the club I hesitated outside the door.  Getting my nerve up I opened it walked in and found myself in between two doors. There was a sign saying, “Please ring the bell.”  So I did and immediately the door buzzed for me to enter.  I was met by the host and hostess.  What a great looking couple!

They were both dressed so sexy and they were a very good looking couple for this sex club.

“Welcome let us show you around our sex club and explain the rules.  The only rule we have is “No means no. ”  I nodded my head as we started walking in and up to a bar.  “We are a bring your own bottle club and you can store your bottle back here with your name on it.  We provide all the mixers and snacks.” and at that point the bar tender came up to me extending his hand,

“Hi my name is George and it will certainly be my pleasure to serve you.”  I gave him my hand and he gave it a squeeze and then reached down and kissed the palm causing goosebumps to immediately pop up on my arms.

“Welcome to the sex club. Oh look our sexy little guest is shy, and with such great titties I might add.”

We continued on our tour of the sex club and I was shown the play rooms and the bar upstairs and the dancer pole.  “”Don’t forget we serve breakfast around 3 am if you aren’t too busy  and we will leave you hear to enjoy the music and if you have any questions, feel free to ask anyone.”  With that they disappeared downstairs.  I sat down at the bar and a cute little barmaid asked what I would like.  After getting a soda I looked around and started to take everything in.

It was then that I saw her, A great looking lady on the dancing pole in this sex club!

She had long dark braids all over her head and not too much on, but wow, could she move!  I was mesmerized!  I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.  The shear strength of her arms as she hung on the pole.  It was captivating!

As she hung upside down her titties bounced out of her top and that was all it took for me.

I wanted to get to know her better, alot better.  When she got done she walked over to me and touched my thigh, “Hi, my name is Cinnamon and I saw you watching me.”  Nodding I told her how great she was on the pole and how beautiful she was.  “Thank you, are you new?”

“Yes this is my first time here actually to any sex club.”

“I have to go freshen up, would you like to come with me?”  I got down off my stool and followed Cinnamon to the ladies room.   “Beating around the bush is not my style, have you ever been with a woman before?”

“No, not really, why is that a problem?”

“Not at all because I would love to be your first here at this sex club.  That is if you are interested.”

“Well I am here to experience some new things and I would like to try if you don’t mind being with a so called virgin.  Well, a virgin when it comes to girl on girl anyway.”

“A virgin, well I’ll be!”  Because of this information a big smile appeared on her face. “I would love to teach you about being with a woman” and with that she took me by the hand and we walked into a private playroom.  “I think for the first time we should have a little privacy don’t you think?”  Nodding my head I followed her into the room.  She turned and shut the door but not before hanging a small sign up stating “occupied/privacy”


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