Welcome to the sex club. Cinnamon walked toward me slowly and took me into her arms kissing me passionately.

I was so glad I came to this sex club! Her lips were so soft and yet kind of demanding at the same time.  Her tongue probed my mouth as if she were looking for something.  My tongue followed suit.  We were both getting a little weak in the knees so we sank down onto the padded floor that was covered with pillows and blankets,  Reaching for my blouse she undid the buttons and slipped it from my shoulders.

My nipples were already hard and perky!  I was getting so aroused in this sex club!

Her lips descended onto my hard little nipples and she started to suck on my right breast and her hand massaged my left.

It felt so good I gasped  she knew just how hard to suck and what pressure to use.  Reaching out to her breast, she reached up to still my hand.  “This is your first time at the sex club, I want you to just lean back and enjoy it.  My turn will come.”

She reached around and undid my skirt and pushed it down.  I removed it and then laid back as she instructed me to do.

Her hands slid down my body scorching the skin underneath until she reached my thong underwear.

Sliding them down my legs she removed them and then proceeded to lick her way back up my body!  This had to be heaven on earth!  I have never felt this way before! I am so glad I came to this sex club!  My juices were flowing and I know my pussy lips were swollen in anticipation!  When she reached my cunt slowly my legs were pushed apart, and her head descended down to my pussy.  Now, I have had my pussy eaten before by guys but let me tell you when a woman does it, it is totally different!  You see a woman knows where to lick what to touch and how much pressure because she is built the same way.

Cinnamon had my pussy so wet and I knew I would be exploding any minute!

She asked me to get on my hands and knees and spread my legs and push my ass up in the air.  As I followed her instructions she reached over and pulled a strap on out.  Putting it on she asked me if I would mind if she fucked me.  Turning so I could see her, my eyes got wide when I saw the size of the strap on.  It must have been about 12 inches long and super big around.

“I have never taken anything that big before!”

“Trust me Baby, when I get done with you, you will be begging for more!”  Nodding I relinquished myself to her.  I knew she would be gentle with me at first but make sure that I had a good time at this sex club.  Getting behind me she rubbed the cock on my ass and let me get used to the feel of it.  Saying I was wet would be an understatement but she still applied some lube to the strap on.

Placing the tip of the dildo at the entrance to my cunt slowly I felt it entering.  I stretched to accommodate the huge size of it.  Cinnamon took her time and gave me plenty of time to stretch and allow the cock to penetrate me.

Slowly, ever so slowly I felt it pushing into my cunt and when I didn’t think I could take anymore, it stopped.

She was still and then she started to slowly pull it out almost the whole way and then began to push it back in.  OMG, it felt so wonderful!  She gave me just enough time to get used to the size of it and then she went to town on me.  Faster and harder, harder and faster!

I was so close to cumming and all of a sudden she slammed that huge dido into my hot dripping cunt and I exploded!

Screaming out, I ejaculated my hot sweat cum all over the place!  Oh This Sex Club is Fantastic!

Collapsing I lay there panting and apologizing.

“Why are you apologizing?”

“I never had that happen before, I , um, I think I peed on you.”  I was so embarrassed that my face was getting hot.”

“Oh Honey, you didn’t pee on me, have you never squirted before?”

“No, I heard about it but it never happened to me before.”

“Nobody has ever touched that special place inside of you to make that happen.  I am so glad that I was the one to make that happen for you.  You and I are going to be really good friends!”

Reaching over and took her hand and said,” I would like nothing better than to have you as a good friend and a fuck buddy!”

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