Tickling fetish, what is it and do you have one, Part 2

Screaming and laughing, I couldn’t control myself.

First I wet myself and I think this turned him on because he kept tickling.  Begging for mercy I asked him to stop but there was no way he was ready to stop.  He knew I was getting close because I started bucking and screaming.  Time to step it up a notch, he reached up and started tickling my underarms.

At this point he had raging hard on that was throbbing and jumping with drops glistening moisture on the head.

Unable to control myself another moment I left out with a shrill scream.  With tears streaming down my face I found my release.  As I climaxed, I saw him throw his head back as his cock exploded!  His ejaculation reached heights that shocked me.  It must have shot up in the air close to 3 to 3 1/2 foot.  UNBELIEVABLE!  All this caused by our intense tickling fetish.

Collapsing he fell next to me exhausted and covered with our combined sticky cum and urine.

Slowly I started running my finger nails up and down his arm.  As I neared his arm pit he left out with a deep chuckle.  That was all the encouragement I needed.  If he was ready for more, I was going to give it to him.  Jumping up I straddled him and started to tickle in earnest!  That’s right, I was going to take control of the situation and make this guy suffer while I got off again.  This is the second part of my tickling fetish, control!

There is only one thing more satisfying than being tickled and that is tickling and being in control!

So as I straddled my victim, I started to tickle in earnest.  The more I tickled the harder he laughed and the harder his cock became.  The more I tickled the wetter I got.  Things were escalating alot quicker than the first time and I knew  it would not take long this time around with our intense tickling fetish.

My fingers slid down and I started to tickle his sides.

He laughed harder and I saw tears streaming down his face as he squirmed and tried to get me off of him.  There was no way I was going to allow that to happen.  Increasing my tickling and holding him down I saw it was about to happen again!

Feeling things building inside me I could feel I was about to explode myself.

It was at that point that he tensed then bucked as he started ejaculating.  Watching his cum shooting out of the tip of his cock was all it took for me.  Throwing my head back, my body tensed  and I screamed as an explosion took place between my legs.

Now it was my turn to collapse beside my tickle partner.

It is hard to believe that we both reached a sexual orgasm twice in the matter of about 60 minutes without ever touching each other sexually.  Some people may not believe that this is possible but when you have a true tickling fetish it is possible.

Not everyone’s fetish is the same but in my case, being tickled is the same as having sex. But when I am in control and I am the one tickling, it is better than sex!


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