Tickling Fetish, what is it and do you have one?

Tickling fetish, Tickling, does it make you pee?  Or does it turn you on?  I was always one that when I was tickled I would end up peeing myself, but once I got older things changed.  Not only would I pee myself I would get turned on.

So began my Tickle Fetish.

Not only did being tickled turn me on but tickling someone else also excited me. I would search out individuals who enjoyed being tickled and it would begin.  An afternoon or evening of constant laughter and many orgasms’.

Meeting this guy at the local coffee shop from an ad I read in the paper.  We both introduced ourselves and I was very pleased with how he looked.  Now I will have to wait and see if he fits the bill.  The ad I posted was for someone who was very ticklish and enjoyed being tickled.

Little did he know that when I tickled someone, it had the same effect as masturbating!

We left the coffee shop and headed to my place.  I was getting excited just thinking about what was going to happen.  The trick was to catch them off guard. For instance we were planning on watching a movie tonight and sometime doing that movie is when I planned on making my move.  I have to act on my Tickling fetish!

Popping some popcorn and opening a bottle of wine, we then settled in to watch the movie.  Part way into the movie he slid over closer to me and went to put his arm around me.  That was when I made my move!

Time to act on my tickling fetish.  Reaching up I started running my long fingernails up and down his arm.  Slowly at first and then I reached up and started to tickle his arm pit.  Starting to chuckle at first I then decided to change tactics and moved down to his sides.

Jumping up I straddled him and really started to go to town on his sides.

He started squirming and laughing really hard.  This caused me to get very excited.  We moved back to the bedroom and I decided to tie him spread eagle on the bed with my silk scarves.  This is another part of my tickling fetish, control.

Grabbing some little torture items, I headed over to the bed.  My pussy was already getting very wet.  Starting at his feet I used a feather, not getting the results I wanted I discarded the feather and moved on to my fingers.  Tickling his toes and the soles of his feet he started laughing and squirming so hard I thought I would wet myself.

Next I had a small ring type vibrator that I slid onto my middle finger.

Reaching under his ball sack I turned the vibrator on and started to tickle. OMG! That was it!  He got an instant hard on and he was laughing so hard there were tears rolling out of his eyes.  That was all I needed, I wanted more and more I had to keep this up because I love this tickling fetish.  Things were starting to build and I knew it would not be long now.

As I tickled him I fingered myself.

My partner saw what was going on and he pleaded with me to untie him.  After he was untied he turned to me and told me to lie down on my stomach.  I did as I was told because I knew things were going to escalate now.  He knew from past conversations that my back my my erotic zone and my sides were extremely ticklish.  Now it was his turn to take control of my tickling fetish.

Starting at my neck he used a very light touch trailing his fingers down my spine ever so slowly.  When he got to my butt he started back up again.  Wriggling and squirming he was touching every sensitive spot on my back and he knew it.  There was a small puddle forming under my pussy and my excitement was building.  His hands wandered over to my sides and he started tickling causing this tickling fetish was really getting intense now!


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