First Time with my Mr. – Part 2

So now you get to hear the good part about my first time with my Mr. My parents throw these huge parties every summer. All my parent’s friends come with their kids, who are mostly my friends.  I love the big parties. Getting dressed up, doing my hair and makeup, dancing and hanging out with my friends. Even around all these people my sex drive was still running wild though. After a while it just continued to get worse, I had to do something.   I snuck off into the house hoping to find somewhere to play with my pussy for a little bit.  

I always liked hiding out in my father’s office when I could. He’s outside, I know he isn’t coming in, still something about the thrill of getting caught laying back on the soft leather sofa, legs spread wide playing with my pretty, tight, wet, pink pussy. My dress slid up to my hips and my lacey pink panties pulled to the side. I get into it. Head on the arm of the sofa, eyes closed. My hips grinding into my hand moaning. It feels so good, but it’s just not enough. All of a sudden, I hear a noise and look up. As I’m pulling my dress down, I see Mr. He’s just staring at me at first and I’m bright red.

I start to apologize and I notice his cock standing at attention. 

Smiling slightly, sliding my hand up my leg pulling my dress back up some and I see his cock jump in his pants.  I pat the couch next to me. “Lock the door,” I say.  He closes the door and locks it behind him and sits on the couch next to me. Trying to adjust his cock and it keeps popping back out but I push his hand away and grab his hard cock I feel it growing even harder in my hand, even bigger. I grab his hand and put it on my inner thigh sliding his hand up under the hem of my dress.  

“Ariel.” As he looks into my eyes. “You’ve become such a beautiful young woman, why would you want an old man like me?” 

“Don’t you always say you’re not old, you’re seasoned? Well, the guys my age are pretty bland, I need a little spice in my life.” I say as I lean up to kiss him, unbuttoning his pants. Mr. let me pull it out and play while his hand slide between my legs and started flicking my clit. I cry out and he shushes me with his mouth to mine. I’ve never felt anything like it. Better than anything, even sex, I’ve ever had or tried. My already wet pussy leaking on the leather.  

As he lays me back on the couch with his hand between my legs he whispers in my ear, “Ariel are you sure?” 

In response I wrap my legs around him and grab his cock and push it against my tight pussy and he lets out a deep moan. 

“What do you think? Give it to me Mr. Please?”  

He slides in me slow, deep, hard. Twisting his hips and my eyes blur. Legs still wrapped around him I twist with him and wrap my arms around his neck kissing him looking up at him.  He starts slowly sliding in and out of me and my fingers dig into his back. I’m moaning and crying out. I can’t help it. He tells me to bite his shoulder and I do, muffling my moans as he starts pumping into me harder and faster. I’m biting down on his shoulder and I’m quickly about to cum. I release long enough to tell him. “I’m gonna cum Mr. don’t stop!” 

“Oh God Ariel!” I hear him groan in my ear and as his cock spasms my orgasm intensifies and he fills me with his warm thick cum.  

“Oh fuck Mr.! Yes!” I cry out and he collapses on top of me. The weight of his body feels so good on me. His scent, running my hands through his hair. I’ve never felt this satisfied. Happy, comfortable. I knew then I was in love with him but I decided not to tell him yet. 

We went back to the party and he was obviously trying very hard not to keep looking at me, but I could see the smile on his face, just like I’m sure he could see the smile on mine.  

My best memory is and probably always will be the first time with my Mr. Unless you think you can top it. 😉  

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first time story. Make sure you read Part One, and purchase my audio blog to here the really juicy details in my own voice!


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