First Time with my Mr. – Part 1

My sex drive has always been high but lately, I swear, it’s like I am insatiable! I’m pretty much always horny, but now no matter what I do, I cannot get enough. All I can think about is sex. My first time, and all the other things I’ve done, the things I want to do. Everything is just CONSTANT SEX. My favorite fantasies and most exciting experiences.

The skateboarder guy on the subway, the sexy man in his fancy pressed suit hurrying down the street, The handsome older man at the bank. They’ve all got my mind racing and my imagination running! Every attractive man (and woman) I see has me thinking about all of the dirty things I would like to do to them… And have them do to me! This always reminds me of my first time with my Mr. I think my favorite memory though, will always be one of my first few sexual experiences. My very first Good experience, the first time I was with a man rather than a boy.

I think this is where my lust for older men has always stemmed from. 

I wasn’t very skilled sexually at the time, but similar to now I was extremely curious and always ready to go. Everything got me going back then. I was wet and ready to fuck around the clock, but I had no one worth my time to take that sexual frustration out on. I’d only been with a couple guys my own age at that point and they were… well…. let’s say ‘lacking’… in MANY different ways. It left much to be desired. So instead, I was forced to engage on my own, and while pleasurable, it would never fend off the devil of desire for long.  

Then I finally found something to fulfill my insatiable hunger.

Never in my wildest dreams (or fantasies) would I have expected what happened that summer night, especially considering who it was with, and how AMAZING it was, but believe me, I will never forget it. Still, to this day, this has been my absolute favorite sexual experience…. and was the best summer of my life!  

I had grown up my entire life with Frank and Lisa. They were my mom and dad’s best friends. I considered them my Aunt and Uncle.  I hadn’t seen Lisa and Mr. Frank for a quite some time. It was a running joke, calling Frank Mr. he hated it. He said it was too formal and made him feel old. So, of course, being the brat that I am, I called him Mr. from there on out.   

That fateful summer evening, at my parents’ “Summer Bash” as they liked to call it, I saw Mr. again for the first time in about a year. It was also the first time I fucked my father’s best friend. 

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