Welcome to the conclusion of The Vengeful Wife. When we were last here, Tia and Tiffany had a little fun together. Now the three girls are headed into the room to exact revenge on Tia’s cheating husband in

The Vengeful Wife-Part 4

We open the door to find the bed has been pushed to the side of the room and dead center of the room is my darling husband, tied to a chair with a gag in his mouth. He is looking over at a long table with all sorts of interesting toys, terror fills his eyes. His eyes widen when he sees me, dressed in leather and lace, standing next to Chrissy and Tiffany, both dressed just like me. Chrissy grabs a whip and makes a loud SNAP in the air; it catches our attention and my husband stills.

“I am going to have SO much fun helping the girls torture you!”

She says with an evil laugh. Chrissy has never liked my husband, I knew it, I just never realized just how much she hated him until now. Walking over to him, I tell him “I am going to remove the ball gag long enough to ask some questions. If you don’t answer truthfully, I am going to let Chrissy hit you” He nods his head slowly, as soon as I take the gag out of his mouth he starts yelling “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU THREE! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME! DO YOU KNOW WHAT I’LL DO TO YOU, YOU UNGRATEFUL BITCHES! AAAAARRRGH!” He screams as Chrissy lashes him with a whip. Grinning, Chrissy says,

“Keep talking like that and I will gladly turn your back into ribbons!”

“Why did you do this to Tiffany and I?” I ask him. He looks from me to Tiffany and sneers, “Because I can! You two solely exist for my amusement and pleasure and I can do whatever I want with you!” CRACK! The whip hits him hard and Chrissy looks at me and says “Sorry but I couldn’t stand to hear him disrespect you.” She walks over and forces the ball gag back into his mouth and says


Looking at him with disgust, Chrissy says “I am going to leave and let these two wonderful ladies have their fun, but if they yell for me I am going to come back and make you bloody!” She looks at Tiffany and I and says “Just yell if he gets to you. I am going to go fix us some food. Have fun and make him suffer!” She blows a kiss good bye and bounces out the door.

I cannot tell you how long I have waited for this”

Tiffany says with a grin. She walks over to him and says, “See how wet my hair is? That’s from Tia, she squirted all over my face cause it was the first time anyone has ever fully satisfied her!” Smacking him across the face, when he starts shaking his head no. “She’s telling you the truth, honey” I tell him. Walking over, I put my arms around Tiffany’s waist, “Her and I are going to have all the fun now”. Turning her head, Tiffany kisses me long and hard in front of him. He moans and we can see his penis is starting to get hard.

“Enjoyed that, did you?”

He nods his head quickly. “Just wait, there’s so much more” I say as I walk away from him and approach the table full of toys that Chrissy has so graciously loaned me. “What should we do first?” I ask Tiffany. “Hmm, maybe a paddling?” She says as she grabs up a long black wooden paddle that is covered in black leather. Hitting her hand with it, she grins. Grinning back, I nod my head in agreement. Going over to him she paddles his bare ass hard. He groans in pain and tries to move away from her.

“How do you like that?!

Does it feel GOOD?!” she says as she continues to paddle his ass, making his cheeks bright red. I walk over to him and yank his head up by his hair. “I’m going to remove the gag again, this time you are going to do exactly what I tell you or this is going into your ass” I say as I hold up a large black dildo. His eyes widen and he quickly nods his head.

“Are you going to be a good boy and do as you’re told?”

“What are you going to do to me?” He asks, I lean down and kiss him gently on the lips and whisper “Exactly what you deserve”. Suddenly, Tiffany smacks his ass again forcing him to let a groan out. Tiffany walks in front of him and says “You are going to pay!” Tiffany kisses me again, and slowly pulls my panties off in front of my husband. I look him in the eye as she licks my pussy, I can’t help but moan. “How come you never could do it that good?” I ask him. He can’t take his eyes off her eating me out. Tiffany brings me to orgasm quickly, causing me to moan out.

“Do you want a taste?”

I ask him, he quickly nods. Bending over so my ass is directly in front of him, I feel his tongue hesitantly push inside my asshole. I move over and over on it, grinding my ass against his face. After a few moments, I turn around and tell him that Tiffany does it better. Tiffany walks over and says “My turn?” I quickly nod and she bends over to give her ass to him. While he’s eating her, I put on a strap on that has a large penis attached to it. Putting some lube on it, I  walk up behind my dear husband. Before he can figure out what I am doing, I shove that dildo deep into his virgin asshole.


Screaming out in pain, his buries his face in Tiffany’s ass. Tiffany laughs and says, “Oh, you need to see this” as she pulls a mirror in front of him. He looks up and sees me standing behind him, pounding this large strap on into his ass. He looks in horror but starts to shake. “Stop it! What the fuck is wrong with you! Oh God Tia! Stop, it hurts!” Tiffany walks back over and smacks his face, “STOP TALKING!” She yells. I finally pull out and grin at Tiffany “Oh that was fun but tiring. You’re turn” She giggles as she puts it on, he looks up at me “Please, Tia. Don’t let her. Stop it” I just grin at him and point to the side. He looks in horror at

The camera recording everything!

I walk over and pause the recording, “If you want it to stop, all you have to do is say you enjoyed everything and admit what you did to Tiffany and I”. He starts shaking his head, “No absolutely not! AAAHHHH!” He screams out as Tiffany slams the strap on into his ass. “This will go on all night if you don’t say it” She says viciously. Finally he agrees to make the recording.

“What are you going to do with that?”

He asks in a defeated tone. “It’s my insurance. You are going to give me everything I want in the divorce, no contest. If you don’t all your coworkers, clients, friends, and family will receive copies of this. Do you agree?” He glares at us but with a sigh says “Yes, now untie me”. I smile broadly and say “I’ll have your mom do it.” Tiffany and I blow him kisses and turn and walk out the door, leaving him crying in defeat. Hopefully, he learned his lesson.

I hope you have enjoyed this four-part story of when I exacted revenge on my cheating husband. If you missed any of it, you can go here to find the three blogs: The Vengeful Wife- Part 1, The Vengeful Wife- Part 2, and The Vengeful Wife-Part 3. As always, you can purchase the full audio blog to hear it in my sexy voice. Thank you so much for reading my story.

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