When we last left off, Tia had knocked her husband out and the three ladies were getting ready for the act of revenge. Welcome back The Vengeful Wife- Part 3 and enjoy my tale of a wife’s revenge.

The Vengeful Wife- Part 3

I follow Tiffany into the spare bedroom, “Do I really need to wear this?” I ask her shyly. She laughs and says “Absolutely! The outfit alone will make him regret what he’s done!” She starts helping me get undressed, slowly caressing my skin as its exposed. I can feel her gaze on my body, “You are gorgeous, he’s a damn idiot who never deserved you” She states fiercely as she looks back up into my eyes. “You sure you can make out with me to make him angry? Maybe we should practice some,” she whispers as she places a gentle kiss along my jaw.

“Yes, let’s practice”

I say as I turn my mouth to hers. She pulls me tightly against her as she kisses me thoroughly. I’ve never kissed a woman before, but I have always been curious. Her skin was so soft, but her body felt so strong. Her soft breasts pressing against mine sent chills down my spine. When she kisses her way down to my breast and takes one nipple into her warm sweet mouth,

I moan out loud.

She backs me towards the bed, and gently presses me backward. She kisses her way back to my lips and says, “Tia, let me taste you. Please, I want to have you on my tongue when we go to confront him.” I look at her in shock, we were supposed to just kiss and make him think I was leaving with her! Do I want to do more? Do I want to feel her mouth there? Suddenly I realize that I did, I look her in the eyes, sliding my hand up to cup her breast:

“Yes, Tiffany, taste me”

Tiffany kisses me hard then moves her way quickly down my body, almost like she was afraid I’d change my mind. I feel her warm breath on my pussy as she takes a deep inhale. “You smell intoxicating, Tia” she says right before she licks me. Moaning at the taste, she presses her mouth even firmer against my throbbing pussy. Oh god! Her mouth is like nothing I’ve ever felt before! Sliding her tongue in and out of my tight wet pussy. Suddenly, she lifts my ass and starts licking my forbidden place.

I moan loudly at the feeling

I have never had anyone do that before! She slides her mouth up to my clitoris and starts sucking. I feel her place a finger inside my asshole and two others into my pussy. I grab her head and moan loudly as the feeling is so intense, I just know I’m going to explode. Moving my hips as she fingers my pussy and asshole and her mouth does incredible things to my clit, I cum screaming. I have never had an orgasm like this! It seemed to go on and on, never ending.

“Hmm, I didn’t know you were a squirter”

What?” I say my eyes shoot open, “I’m a WHAT?!” I look down at Tiffany and she is dripping. “Oh my god! Tiffany, I am so sorry! I’ve never done that before! Oh, no, let me grab you something!” Grabbing a throw that was laying beside the bed, I hand it to her. I felt like crying from embarrassment. “Don’t apologize Tia, it’s not a bad thing. Actually, I’m happy to know I made you squirt your first time with a woman! It gives me something else to rub in his worthless face!” I can’t help but laugh. “Really, he never made me do that, actually he rarely ever even got me off!” I exclaim. She looks at me in shock and says “We definitely need to make him pay for that!” Suddenly we hear a knock on the door,

“Hurry Up you two! He’s starting to wake up!”

Tiffany opens the door as I start getting dressed. Chrissy looks at me with a knowing smile and says “Good Girl, its about time you had some fun! Remember, you are a Goddess, and you are in control!” She says as she starts walking me towards the bedroom. Grabbing the doorknob, I look at the two girls with me, “Yes, I am. Lets make him pay, ladies”, and slowly push open the door.

I hope you have enjoyed The Vengeful Wife- Part 3. Come back on Friday for the conclusion of this tale of Revenge! In case you missed them, check out The Vengeful Wife-Part One and The Vengeful Wife- Part Two. And as always you can get the full story as an audio blog in my sexy voice.

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