Welcome back to my tale of terror in The Unwanted Stranger- My Night of Terror- Part 2! I am so glad you decided to join me again. We left off with Tia bound and helpless when an unknown stranger broke into her room. What happens next is below.

The Unwanted Stranger- My Night of Terror- Part 2

Pain erupts from my back as the whip slashes down on it with a loud crack. “Did I tell you that you could move?”, he says, “What a naughty, naughty girl.” Leaning down, he smooths the tape over my mouth again before wrapping more all the way around my head. “Just for that, you are going to get 10 hits from my whip. Try not to struggle cause that only makes me hit you harder.”

He laughs and starts hitting me over and over:

Crack! “ONE!” Crack! “TWO!” I can hear his excitement with every number. By the time he has hit me ten times, I can feel blood sliding down my back, ass, and legs. Crying and wishing I’d pass out from the pain, I feel something soft against the cuts of my back. Did he just lick me?  I ask myself as I hear him moan. He slowly licks the blood from my back and ass, telling me how good I taste. Suddenly I feel his tongue slid from my pussy up to my asshole in one long slow stroke.

Entering slightly into that forbidden place.

“Have you ever had anyone penetrate this tight little asshole, Tia?” he asks as he rubs his fingers against my forbidden place. Shaking my head No, I put my face down to hide my tears. “Good” he says as he parts my ass cheeks. I try to get away but he holds me tight and I scream in pain as he slams his cock into me without any lube or preparation. It feels like he is ripping me apart. Sliding his hard cock in and out of a place that has never been penetrated. Forcing me to scream over and over, the pain is so intense it makes my stomach hurt and I lose finally consciousness.

I come to with a start as I feel cold water splash in my face

“Wakey Wakey Tia!” He exclaims gleefully. “You missed all the fun, but don’t worry, I’ll make sure you feel every bit of it this time”. Realizing that I am on my back now and I look at him intently. Do I know that face? Recognize his voice? I can’t recall ever seeing him and I’m sure I wouldn’t forget his face. His face was extremely pale, and his cheeks hollowed in. His eyes were pitch black and looked emotionless. His teeth, when he grinned, were rotted out and his nose was long with a few bumps that said it had been broken a time or two. He chuckles, “Trying to figure out who I am? Don’t bother, you never noticed me. But I noticed you, Tia.

Yes, oh yes, I noticed you.”

Undoubtedly, I close my eyes as he slides his long, thick penis inside my pussy. “OPEN YOUR EYES! LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT WHAT IS INSIDE YOU, TIA!” Screaming in my face, as he pounds into my body repeatedly. His long skinny fingers grip my breasts so hard I cried out in pain. Chuckling he twists my nipples even harder. He wraps his hand around my throat and started squeezing as he continued to fuck me. I gagged as I watched him fill my pussy full of his foul-smelling cum. When he noticed me gagging, he screamed in my face “ARE YOU BETTER THAN ME?! FUCKING BITCH!” and then he slammed his fist repeatedly into my face.

I finally lose consciousness again as he continues to punch my face.

Waking up, I see him grinning cruelly at me, he holds a shard of broken piece of glass. Cruelly he says, “You are now mine, you filthy whore”. I scream out again as he carves “Filthy Whore” across my stomach. A few days later, I wake up in the hospital. Apparently, he called and reported it. It has been 5 years since that horrible night, and I still have trouble sleeping in the dark. Subsequently, he was never caught. In spite of the numerous times I move, change my number, my email address, he always finds me. Each year on the anniversary of that horrible night, he sends me video, a card, and pictures of me bound and helpless. Without a doubt, he will never let me forget. Obviously, I sleep with a bat next to my bed now; he won’t catch me unaware again.

Without a doubt, I hope you enjoyed my blog. Also, be sure to purchase the audio version so you can hear it in my sexy voice, too. Go to The Unwanted Stranger- My Night of Terror- Part 1 to get the previously posted part one of this tale of terror.


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