I’ve always had a case of raptophilia. Something about being helpless and in terror always leaves me excited. I hope you enjoy my night of terror. Where fear and fantasies unquestionably coincide in

The Unwanted Stranger – My Night of Terror

I was sleeping dreamlessly in my nice warm bed that night, when a noise woke me. The breeze from the open window made the curtains blow gently and the small potted flower I had on my windowsill was laying on the floor. Figuring the wind knocked it over, I picked it up and closed the window. Glancing around the darkness of my room, I yawned deeply as I make my way back to bed. A few hours later that night, an abnormally large hand grabs my throat and forces me onto my back,

“Don’t make a sound”

A deep voice growls in my face. I tremble in terror as I feel the menacing weight pushing me further into my bed and a sickening sweet smell from my attacker’s breath. “If you do exactly what I say, you will live to see morning. If you fight me, you will regret it and you will be gone by morning. Do I make myself clear, Tia?” Shaking uncontrollably, I stutter out “Y-y-yes. How do you know my name?” I ask. Blood erupts from my nose as he backhands me across the face, “Only speak when I tell you to!” He says viciously, “Now, take off your clothes, quickly. Quickly!” Scrambling quickly to the floor, my nose throbbing painfully, as I yank my tank top and panties off. “Good girl,” he says in that deep husky voice.

“Now lay down on the bed, spread-eagle”

Climbing back onto the bed, my mind screams for me to do something but despite my desire to fight, my fear forces me to do what he commands. Laying flat on my stomach, I spread my arms out in a Y shape. He quickly grabs my arms and uses zip-ties to tie my wrists to my headboard. As I moan in pain, he pulls them so tightly the dig into my skin. I feel him grab my legs and do the same to them, pulling the zip-ties as tightly as they will go.

The Stranger climbs on top of me and leans down to whisper in my ear “Ah, my sweet Tia, I have been watching you for years. Unlike other nights, tonight, you carelessly left the window open, and I was finally able to sneak in. Don’t worry, we are going to have so much fun.” His sinister laughter sends chills down my spine. He grabs some duck tape and begins to pull a piece off with a loud,


Roughly, he places the tape on my mouth while saying, “We don’t want you to scream and spoil our fun too soon, do we?” I shake my head No and silently pray for someone to come rescue me. I feel him get off the bed and hear him walk away. Straining, I try to see where he went or listen for him. After minutes of nothing I start to wonder. Did he leave? Was this some kind of cruel joke? I start tugging at my arms and legs, trying to pull free. I managed to get part of the tape up on one side when all of a sudden….CRACK!!!!

That’s it for the first part of my night of terror tale. Be sure to come back for part two of The Unwanted Stranger – My Night of Terror on Friday! If you just can’t wait to know what happens next, feel free to purchase my audio blog and listen to this in my sexy voice.

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