The Treehouse Confessions of Chrissy’s Neighbor – Part 2

Still Obsessed

My neighbor, Bob, convinced me to climb up into his treehouse to listen to him give confession and tell his naughty secrets.  As a very naughty Milf, myself, I couldn’t resist.  I love stories of real-life escapades.  As you know, I love telling my own torrid tales here.  I was invited for dinner on the patio at 7pm, with the promise of an unforgettable time with my neighbor and his treehouse confessions.  He grilled a steak and made a lovely crunchy salad.  A contradiction for most, but I was impressed that there was actually something green on my plate.  The wine was a Napa Pinot Noir – one of my favorites.  It always warmed me up and was the perfect complement to our meal.  I helped Bob tidy up and bring everything to the kitchen.  He said it was time to relax in the treetops.

Up the Ladder

I think it impressed him that I was nimble and had no problem scurrying up the treehouse ladder.  Even with my 4” heels on, it was easy.  I knew he had invited me to go first because he wanted to look up my skirt.  His gasp and smile confirmed my suspicion that he wanted to play.  He was almost pushing me up the ladder, and I knew it was more than a treehouse confession that I would be getting that night.

Entering the treehouse fort, I was in awe.  It looked like a man cave of epic proportions and I wondered if he even let his kids go up there.  Enviable of even the most ardent of playboys, this treehouse was comfortable and ready for any and all adult activities.

The Confessions Begin

Bob wasted no time pouring the drinks.  He told me he didn’t get a good look at my pussy climbing up the ladder, and would I like to relax a little bit more and get naked.  Not one to be shy I immediately undressed.  Quickly, he pulled off his shirt and shorts and said yes.  He said that he had wanted to bend me over my birdbath from the day he saw me.  His confession was no surprise.  Bob also confessed that every woman he had picked up and invited to his treehouse looked as much like me as he could find.  He wanted to do to me what he had done to all his other “friends” while fantasizing about his neighbor, me.

His Intentions Became Clear

I was flattered, but I told him this was not to be an ongoing affair.  He agreed and laid me back on the bench.  My legs were the first thing he touched.  Tenderly spreading them open as wide as he could, he pulled some ankle cuffs down from the rafters and had my legs hanging comfortably while he started to devour my pussy.  I came almost instantly.  It was then I looked down to see his face creamy with my pussy juice.

I was looking forward to some naughty treehouse tales of sex and debauchery, and just when he said he had lots to tell, he popped the head of his dick at my pussy hole.  His throbbing hard cock then entered my wet pussy slowly and I could feel the girth of that dick stretching me open.  I moaned in ecstasy.  I started to push my hips back to meet his, my body was demanding more.  My nipples were hard, he was drooling – I was hoping he would suck them hard.  It was too much excitement.  He was living his fantasy and he couldn’t hold it.

The True Story Was His Obsession

I demanded satisfaction.  He had built up these naughty stories but they were all just fantasies of fucking me.  I was his unrequited obsession.  Bob named 4 or 5 women that had been up the ladder.  He described that they all looked similar to me, but none could compare to my tight pussy and voluminous breasts.  He begged for another chance.

I gave it to him.  I edged him for hours until he came so hard that I thought he was going to have a heart attack.  My neighbor and the treehouse confessions turned out to be nothing more than me giving him a pity fuck and the most intense handjob he had ever had.  I had fun anyway, and I followed the golden rule to love thy neighbor.

Did I tease you?  Did you miss the first part of that true story about my neighbor Bob?  Part 1 is here.  You can click here to purchase the audio.  I know you want to jerk off hearing the exciting extras.  My next story is about a couple of naughty boys and how they got caught stealing my panties.  You won’t want to miss it!  While you‘re waiting, spend some time reading another erotic story from our smoking hot Goddess, Taylor, here.


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