The Treehouse Confessions of Chrissy’s Neighbor – Part 1


The Neighbor’s Treehouse

My neighbor, Bob, convinced me to climb up into his treehouse to give confessions of his dirty deeds.  It’s the dog days of summer during a pandemic.   When all the neighbors are home, the backyard antics begin.  Anxious to save a little cash on electricity, I was putting out clothes on the line.   My neighbor was home, his wife was away helping her parents, and his kids were at an overnight camp for the week.  He waved me over to the fence and told me he was bored.

The Cat’s Away

I told him I knew his wife was out of town and that he could be having fun doing all the things she won’t let him do.  Unfortunately, the strip clubs are closed, and my neighbor confessed he was too worked up from watching porn all morning.  I thought that was a little too much information, but Bob was always very forward and familiar with me.


The day I moved in he came over and introduced himself.  He told me he was an investment banker and usually worked from home as he was part of the Asian Market team at his office.  Bob also told me that if I ever needed any company to come on over and he would show me a good time.  He said his wife was almost always either at work or at her parent’s house helping them with tasks that became a struggle for them.

Flirting Over the Fence

Today he was particularly frisky.  Leaning over the fence, he commented on how good I looked in my shorts and halter top.  He also said that I looked fit and could probably find my way up the kids’ treehouse ladder with no problem.  I asked him what was so special about the treehouse?  Bob told me he has spent hours making sure it was high enough so that no one could really hear what was going on up there.  With the help of a friend, he had put in a recliner, a 50” tv and had cable installed.  He had also put in cushy padding and a plush carpet.  The perfect place to tell treehouse tales.

The Treehouse Get-Away

Bob went up to the treehouse every night before bed to relax and said that he did so sometimes with friends.  When I asked him how he relaxed with friends, he said he would show me if I came up for a visit.  I had never actually seen anybody up in the treehouse, and its true, I never heard any noise from up there.  Secretly, I was intrigued, but I knew what Bob wanted.  I knew Bob was a sneaky cheater.   Treehouse tales weren’t the only thing going on.  Once in passing, I heard his wife tell someone on the phone that they had an open marriage because she couldn’t keep up with him sexually.  Suddenly I wondered how many women had climbed that ladder, and what was his obsession with me joining him?

I had a reputation among the neighborhood men because of a little playtime I had with a few of them a few months back, but that’s a story for another time.


Getting horny thinking of what possible treehouse confessions could get me to climb that ladder?  Check back on Friday for Part 2.  If you can’t wait until then, there are extra naughty details in the audio version of this story.  You can purchase the audio here.  Get your lube, find a comfy chair, and enjoy.  Do you like stories of Naughty Milf’s?  Check out one of my most popular true stories here.


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