The Submission of Goddess Elizabeth – Part 2

Suddenly you withdraw and turn me roughly so that I am on my back. I am stunned and I reach for you, but you take my wrists in one hand and fasten them above my head. I writhe in frustration, but you press my cuffed wrists gently with the flat of your hand to indicate that I should be still. You move your hands down my body and, as you push my thighs upwards and open, I feel your mouth come down on my hot, wet pussy; your tongue flicking firmly against my clit, melting into me, driving me crazy and I am begging you not to stop. Keeping your tongue on me, you move your fingers inside me – first two, then three and then four and then, feeling how wet I am, you slide in your whole hand and I gasp with the shock of it and I’m coming so hard I feel like I’m going to pass out, the leather collar and belt biting into me and making me come even harder.

You move your hand gently out of me as my orgasm subsides, stroking my trembling thighs with your fingers. I know you are looking down at me with satisfaction. I feel like I cannot close my legs now, they actually need to be open for you and I sigh with the pleasure of it and spread them wider.

You tell me to sit up but to keep my legs apart

As I do so, you slowly take off my blindfold and as I look up into your eyes, with my wrists cuffed before me, my submission deepens.

You push my arms back above my head and, pausing to kiss me deeply, you pull me backwards and attach my wrists to the bedframe. I know that I need to keep my legs open for you so that you can see me and as I gaze up at you, my breasts shaking with my unsteady breath, I feel thrilled and humiliated by my obvious and complete arousal.

You know how much I want your cock again, but I can see that you’re going to make me wait. As you reach for the small leather flogger instead, you caress my pale, hot excited body with the knotted black leather strands; trailing over my breasts, stroking my thighs and then flicking harder and harder between my legs stinging painfully against my stiff little clit and my open wet pussy which aches with wanting to come.

You see how close to the edge I am and you drop the flogger

Staring straight into my eyes, you straddle my body and finally I have that beautiful, big dick right in front of my face – ready to choke my throat. As I let my mouth get really wet, you grasp my head and push me onto you so that you can fuck my throat and, as I choke with effort, mascara tears streaming down my face, your left hand reaches round to my soaking wet pussy and, as I feel your fingers stab up into me, I am in heaven.

Just as I feel I cannot take any more of this, you pull out your cock and, as I take a tremendous gasp of air, you hold that big, thick dick to my hungry lips so that I can lick off all your pre-cum. You slap my cheeks with your cock and I know that I’m going to get a delicious hot load of cum all over me and I close my eyes just as all that thick, hot, creamy cum starts to pump all over my face, just missing my eyes and streaming down all over my cheeks, down over my black leather collar and onto my breasts.

You bring your cock back to my lips so I can suck off the last bit

As I do so, you unhook me from the bed and unchain my cuffed wrists and then you wipe all that cum from my face and you kiss me, pulling me into you.

As we wrap ourselves tightly around each other and drift pleasurably into sleep, my last waking thought is that I know it won’t be long before you want to have me again . . .

I hope you enjoyed Part 2 of “The Submission of Goddess Elizabeth”!

In case you missed it. here’s Part 1.

If you would love to hear me read the whole story, you can purchase my audio from the store.

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Love, Elizabeth


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