I don’t know whose eyes widen more when he walked into the bar, mine or yours. You could see his bulge through his pants, and immediately we both knew how big he was feeling a little bit tipsy. “I say I will be right back.” You watch as my sexy little ass, walks over to the big, burly, alpha, black man and my hand touches his arm, flirting and batting my gorgeous eyes.

Immediately knowing what I’m about to do and you’re all for it.

Your eyes watch as you see me, grab his hand, looking back and telling you to come on as we walk out of the bar. In the car as you drive me and him are in the backseat, kissing and Touching each other. You hear my soft moans as his hands crawl down my body when we pull up to our house he pulls me out of the car and carries me into the house.

At this point your cock is so hard that it hurts, and your balls are swollen and hard as a rock.

As soon as we got into the bedroom, he strips me down and he watched this big black cock whips out of this man’s pants. He’s almost eleven inches! He sit on the bed next to us watching a real man groping your wife, watching his tongue, slipping up and down my clit. I look up at you and see you stroking your little cock. He’s almost double your size and I just know that this is going to be more satisfying than you’ve ever been able to make me feel.

He starts to line his cock up against my tight little pussy, rubbing on it with his tip.

You look from above and watch as his giant well endowed black rod slips inside of my pussy, and my pussy lips are on either side of his cock. As you shoves, deeper and deeper, you start to realize that you’ve never been that deep inside of me before never opened me up and satisfied me the way that he was satisfying me you watch, as my eyes roll into the back of my head, moaning with pleasure as he slides in and out of my little hole, my little soaking wet hole. You think about touching my breasts , but you don’t want to make him mad at you. You know that this is his body right now and you were only to watch.

I look up at you and noticed disbelief on your face, but excitement as well.

Disbelief that you’re sexy, beautiful, angel of a wife is getting plastered and hammered by this almost eleven inch black man. Your little dick throbbing in your hand as you stroke watching. You watch as he grabs my perfect tits squeezing and sucking on my nipples. You’ve never seen me with this much pleasure when you fuck me, but for some reason, I see that it turns you on as he thrusts so deep inside and out. “That’s right watch me fuck your wife little cuck. “ he says to you laughing. he pulls out of my tight little pussy and turns me over grasping my ass cheeks. You see him spread my cheeks apart, and as he shoves his big dick deep inside of me, my back arches and I grasp to the sheets you’ve never seen me do when you are inside.

I am moaning so loud and you wonder which neighbors saw him come into our house and now hearing me louder than I’ve ever been before getting fucked hard. What were they think?

I’ll tell you what they probably think. My little dick, white husband couldn’t give me enough pleasure so we brought home someone that could.

He starts smacking my ass, looking at you and telling you that it’s his ass now. You see a red mark start to form of his big hands on my ass cheek. Looking down at your little nub, embarrassed with how much smaller you are but turned on watching me be pleased you think about the cum that is about to fill me. My little dick cuck, you are going to suck that cum out after it pours inside of me. The thought of sucking up cum and swallowing it has you almost to the point of cumming.

I hear you begging him to fill me up, even calling this man your master. “Please master, fill my wife, my sexy beautiful wife with your cum.” And just like that, you got your wish. His cum fills me up as he thrusts once more, exploding inside of my sweet cunt. You see the white ring around his cock, so much cum… He pulls his still hard black cock out of my pussy, and looks at you. “Now suck my cum out of her little bitch.”

Nervous, you listen to your new master.

I see you go between my legs, breathing hard scared of what cum from a man tastes like. My legs wrap around your head and I force you onto my cunt. Your lips pressed against my cim filled hole, hearing my words “suck like a good boy and clean your wife up.” Realizing how good it tastes, I feel you sucking and slurping. That’s right, suck that black cum out of me! Let it run down your throat. Stroking your cock as you clean me, I feel something warm shooting onto my thigh. You are cumming, tasting black man cum from my pussy made you cum! What a little sissy… Now clean up your cum off of me too, I want to be spotless.

Pulling away from my pussy, I see the cum of this black man and your own as well dripping from your lips, down your chin. Your hands reach up and swipe it into your mouth, you want every drop of that liquid gold. The look in your eyes says you are surprised how good it tasted….

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