The Repairman: How I bribed and fucked him! Part Two

Without saying a word, the repairman pushed his hand inside my shorts and started to finger me. I gasped in shock but was instantly turned on by his dominance and aggressiveness. He chuckled at how wet I was and flicked his index finger over my clit.  

He told me to strip and get on the counter top. Lying back with my legs spread to reveal my shaved pussy, he ordered me to touch myself. I bit my bottom lip and played with my swollen clit gently, wincing at how sensitive I was. He watched me intensely as he took his dick out of his pants, rock hard and bigger than any I had ever seen before. 

“You’ve been naughty today, you know,” he said quietly, inching towards me slowly. “Stand up and turn around.” He pushed me against the counter top from behind, moving my hair back to kiss my neck and shoulders. He spanked my bare ass three times, grabbing a tuft of my hair roughly. 

I bent my upper body over the counter and he entered me, releasing a husky moan.

He spread my pussy wide open, and I arched my back to try and take as much of him as possible. I could barely stand how badly I wanted him. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I begged him to go faster, deeper, harder. 

His tip pushed on my g-spot with every pump, and within minutes I was cumming on his dick as he buried himself deep within me. My entire body shook uncontrollably as I came. I continued rolling my hips over his dick and pushing my ass into his abs. I straightened myself up, and he wrapped one hand around my neck, still inside me. He put his finger in my mouth, and I licked and sucked on it, trembling as he went on to play with my nipples and squeeze my breasts. 

The repairman turned me around and pushed my head down until I was on my knees. I was completely at his mercy and knew I would submit to whatever he wanted. I got off on the total loss of control. He pushed his dick into my mouth until my eyes were watering.

I cupped his balls loosely and felt him shiver with pleasure.

“That’s a good girl.” he said smiling

I choked and spat on his dick, sucking him off until he exploded inside my mouth. I looked up at him as I swallowed his entire load, and he smiled at me and sighed. 

 Giggling, I stood up to grab my shorts and top. He fixed his pants and spanked my ass again as I walked past him. I showed him to the door and thanked him for fixing the air conditioner. “No problem.” He replied, looking me up and down one last time. “Tell your mom to call if anything else ever needs fixing… or if you’re just being a bad girl again!”

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