The Repairman: How I bribed and fucked him! Part One

“This is ridiculous, mom!!!” I yelled, lying on my bedroom floor. I was in my tiniest hot pink workout shorts and a black sports bra, with my long blonde hair in a messy bun. Rolling over to expose my bare neck to my crappy bedroom fan, which did almost nothing to ease the crazy heat. Our air conditioning had been broken for two whole days – in the middle of a heatwave! 

“I’m leaving, Brianna!” my mom yelled from the front door. “The repairman promised he would be here by 3:00 PM. I’m leaving his fee and a tip on the kitchen counter. Make him feel welcome!” 

Before my mom had even finished her sentence, I was texting my best friend Samantha to meet up at the mall. I had to get out of this house, so I threw a yellow crop top over my workout bra to compliment my tan and headed downstairs to grab my shoes and purse. 

I stuffed the money for the repairman into my wallet, to keep it safe until later. Unfortunately, when Samantha and I started shopping, we got a little carried away! As well as new shoes, I got a really sexy red tube top and high waisted denim shorts that showed my ass and hugged my tiny waist just the right way. It wasn’t until I got home that I even realized I had spent ALL of the money! Before I could even think about how I was going to fix this mess, the doorbell rang. 

I opened the door to the most GORGEOUS hunk I had ever seen.

His long brown hair framed his sharp jawline perfectly, and his work shirt showed off his built shoulders and muscular arms. I knew I had no money to pay him, but I didn’t want him to leave! I stumbled over my words as I greeted him. He smiled and put one hand on my bare shoulder, asking me what was wrong. All I could focus on was the intense heat building between my legs as he touched me, and I blurted out the truth. 

“My mom left money to pay you, but I accidentally spent it at the mall. It was just a super cute outfit, and I wasn’t thinking, and I’m really sorry…” I rambled, before he chuckled and put a finger to my lips to stop me. “That outfit must really be something!” He moved his hand down my arm and onto my waist with a dominant grip. “I’ll get started on the air conditioner. Go put on the outfit for me.” 

I did as he told me to, and came back downstairs in my tight tube top and shorts. I sat on the kitchen counter with my legs open as he continued to work, teasing him. After just a few minutes, the air conditioner was back in full force, and I threw my head back in relief. As I opened my eyes, I caught him staring at my boobs. “I don’t usually get a view this good at work,” he winked. I approached him and ran two fingers up and down his abs. “There must be some way I can thank you…” 

Stay tuned for part two coming soon! Can’t wait? Check out my Audio Blog

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