Night time Horrible Beast of Tampa

Both her arms were bruised not to mention her legs.  Also there was something oozing out from her pussy but she had no idea what it was and wasn’t sure if she wanted to know. She knew it was from the horrible beast.

Carefully she made her way to her feet and tried to walk.  She almost went down, her legs had no strength in them.  Trying to get her bearings because she had no idea where she was or what time it was.

Then she heard it footsteps returning.  Lying down Linda said she acted like she was asleep.

The terrifying monster was returning.  He walked over to her and kicked her in the side.  She remained limp.  He squatted down beside her and touched her face.  She remained still and tried not to gag over the smell of his breath.  Standing up he disappeared around the corner.

She had to get out anyplace but here.  She could not take another “encounter”.   Standing up she made her way in the direction that the horrible beast had come from.  Eventually she found her way out onto the street and tried to figure out what part of town she was in.

People were staring at her and she was trying to figure out why and then she realized she was bruised bloody and naked.  Not caring she kept trying to find her way to someplace familiar.  It was then that she felt a blanket drape across her shoulders and someone taking her arm and asking her if she wanted to go to the hospital.

She turned to look at her savior and recognized a policeman’s uniform but the eyes….oh GOD NO!

Linda said she just turned and started running.  She didn’t get very far before her arm was grabbed and she was hauled up against the broad expanse of his chest.  She pummeled his chest with her fists and sobbed trying to get away.  It was no use.  She did not have the strength to get away and she knew with every ounce of her being she would die if she couldn’t get away.  Linda told me she passed out again.

She awoke to excruciating pain between her legs. It felt like she was being ripped in two.

Opening her eyes she saw the horrible beast man over her naked.  He was pumping his huge cock in and out of her causing her pussy to rip and tare.  She had to make the pain stop, he was killing her!  She brought her knee up fast and hard and made contact with his most vulnerable spot his crotch!

Screaming in pain and shock he rolled off of her and she bolted.  She knew this would be her only chance so she ran as fast as she could and never looked back.

Finally she saw the entrance to an emergency room of a hospital and ran in.

It didn’t take long for the nurses to run and help her.  Poor Linda spent a week in the hospital until she was strong enough to go home.  When asked what happened to her she told everyone she couldn’t remember.  They all figured she lost her memory from shock.

It was only 3 years ago when she told me of the encounter that she had with the monster.  It was a horrific story and I knew she was telling me the truth because she still has the scar on her forehead and the scars on her breasts.

Linda told me she moved from that apartment and works at a different bar now.  She never walks home alone anymore and she has taken several self defense classes.

There is no telling what this horrible  beast was or still is and even if he is still around.  Linda is sure that he meant to keep her as his and have babies with her.  Thank God she got away.  Never does she ever go to that section of town again.  So if you are ever around Tampa beware of the terrifying monster that has been known to stalk the area looking for unprotected women.

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