The Night-time Horrible Beast of Tampa.

I am about to tell you a story about a terrifying monster that was told to me by my girlfriend.  She swears it is true and I believe her because she has shone me the scars.

Linda, my friend worked as a bartender and usually walked to and from work since she lived only three blocks from the bar.  It was an upscale part of Tampa.  It was springtime and she had just finished her shift and was just leaving the bar.  As she started on her way home she felt uneasy for some reason.  It was 2:30 am on a Saturday night and even though she made this walk 100’s of times she felt scared.  Looking around constantly she never saw anything and did not hear anything either.

She was only a block from home when it happened!

Linda never heard a thing but all of a sudden she felt hands grabbing her arms.  Screaming she struggled and tried to get away.  Whoever or whatever it was lifted her off the ground tucked her under their arm and took off running.

Linda was a very petite little thing and only weighed about 105 pounds and was only about 5 foot tall.  She told me that whatever horrible beast had her was huge!  Well over 6 1/2 foot tall and had a huge build.  She told me she struggled but it was all in vein because whatever this thing was had a very secure hold on her and it was very strong.

Finally she was dropped on some sort of bed and she tried to scramble away.

Finally she got a look at her abductor.  It was sort of a man but not really. More of a terrifying monster.  He was very tall and broad shouldered.  His hair was unkept and very long and straggly.  She told me his clothes were all but rags and practically falling off of him.  As she tried to scramble away, he shouted at her and she froze.

Something about the tone of his voice caught her off guard and she couldn’t move.  It was almost like he was speaking in some other language or something.  Taking a step toward her he then squatted down to her level.

Reaching out a filthy hand he touched her cheek and then slowly caressed it.

Linda wanted to pull away but there was something about his eyes that kept her transfixed.  He then reached out and touched her breast.  Still she could not move because this horrible beast never took his eyes off of her eyes.  The touching intensified and before she knew what was happening he had all her clothes off and he was removing his.  It was at this point that the eye contact broke causing Linda to “wake up.”

Realizing what was happening she jumped up and tried to run.

As she turned to run her ankle was grabbed causing her to fall hard!  She hit her head and it started bleeding at her hairline.  She fought blacking out and was struggling to get away.  Linda told me she then felt this terrifying monster crawling up between her legs and she glanced up and saw he was naked.

His cock was huge and dripping what seemed like blood!

Screaming she fought as hard as she could but this only seemed to excite the creature more.  He had her pinned down by holding her arms and was between her legs.  His head hovered right above hers and his breath smelled of decay.  A fork like tongue came out of his mouth and licked up her cheek and then to the cut on her forehead.  He feasted on her blood for a minute and then dipped his head down to her breasts.   Wrapping his forked tongue around her breast he sucked one of her tits into his mouth.

As he sucked her tit she could feel his pointy teeth biting down on it causing it to bleed.

Screaming out in pain caused him to pause a minute but then he continued.  This horrible beast feasted on one breast and then the other.  Linda knew they were both bleeding by the time he was done.  Somehow she knew the worst was yet to come and she was right!

Pushing her legs apart more she felt the head of his gruesome cock pushing at the entrance of her pussy.

She told me that as he started to push his huge cock into her pussy it hurt so badly that she passed out from the pain.  When she awoke she was alone, bleeding and bruised but at least she was alive.  Slowly she sat up and took inventory of her injuries.  She told me her head was still bleeding some and both of her breasts were bleeding with puncture holes in them from the creatures teeth.

Make sure you check back on Sunday for the conclusion of The Night-Time Horrible Beast of Tampa, Beware!

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