When we left off in The Long Distance Friend, Traci was pleasuring herself while thinking about her friend. What do you think happens in the second half?

The Long Distance Friend- Part Two


I jerk my eyes open from my fantasy world to see he’s sent me another picture, and oh my lord! My eyes bulge out of my head, its one of him in the tub. It should be illegal for a man to be this damn perfect! He says that he’s not but to be honest, the only thing I’ve seen so far is that HE’S. NOT. HERE! Heck, I’d be willing to meet him halfway at this point! It’s not just his looks either; his personality is amazing, he can always make me laugh, and when he compliments me…

I almost feel pretty and wanted.

Knowing he is supposed to call when he gets off work, and knowing he has a weakness for me in a button up shirt; I purposely grab one of my tightest button ups, no bra, no pants, just the shirt and boy short panties. Looking in the mirror, I don’t see what he says he sees but I’m glad he sees it. He calls and says


I laugh as I ask him how I’m a tease. “You know I like you in a button-up shirt.” I grin at him and run my tongue slowly across my teeth. We flirt some more and as my body gets more and more turned on, I cannot help but wish he’d make the demand to meet and fill this insatiable need I have developed for him. Running my fingers across my impressive cleavage that is bout to spill out of the top, I ask him,

“Do you like what you see?”

His voice has gotten huskier and he says “Yes, although I wouldn’t mind if you unbuttoned a few more buttons.” I play with the button in question as I grin at him, “Is that so?” I ask. His eyes are fixated on my breast as he says, “absolutely”. I get an evil thought and giving him a very naughty grin, I bring my fingers down and swiftly unbutton the shirt. His eyes get huge as he watches my strip tease.


I ask, as I sit back on my bed and slowly open my legs so he can see anything he wants. His eyes slowly move over my body, “What are you doing, Temptress?” I secretly love when he calls me that, so much better than the typical terms of endearments- sweetheart, babe, honey, etc. “Mmm, I think we need to spice things up a little, don’t you think?” I say with a grin as a slowly run a finger from my neck to my dripping pussy. “We agreed to no nudes” He says with a voice thick with desire. “Oh yea, but technically this is a video call and I’m not nude.” I say with a grin as I slip my hand below the panties and into my pussy.

“Tell me what you want me to do”

I tell him. He swallows deeply and tells me to “play with that pussy till you cum. Let me see you cum.” I agree but only if its mutual. He takes a step back and I see he’s in grey sweatpants and his cock is bulging. He slowly slides his pants down until I see his big hard cock standing at attention. My mouth starts watering as I look at him, “I’d give anything to taste you right now” I say to him. “Ditto” he replies as he grabs his hard cock. We continue to stare at each other as we both played with our selves.

“OH God!”

I exclaim as I cum extremely hard. Who knew mutual masturbation would be so much fun. We stare at each other for several minutes, both of us breathing deeply. “The miles really don’t seem that far apart” He says to me. “No, I don’t think they are. We need to do this in person” Staring at me for a moment, he looks back at me and said “Yes we do,” He says before he logs off. Oh yes, we definitely do, my dear, I whisper to myself. Oh yes, We will definitely do this again, in person.

I hope you enjoyed the conclusion of The Long Distance Friend. If you missed it, you can click here to go back to The Long Distance Friend- A Phone Sex Fantasy- Part One. If you’d like to hear it in my sexy voice, you can purchase the Audio version.

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