Hey Yall, I hope you enjoy my based on a true story, sexy tale of when my long distance friend helped me to overcome my writer’s block. Things get a little heated until mutual satisfaction is demanded.

A Long Distance Friend

“So not fair!” I exclaim as I toss my arm over my eyes! “What’s wrong?” my sister says, leaning against the bedroom door, watching my dramatics. “I FINALLY find a guy that is perfect. Funny, witty, great person to talk to, and EXTREMELY SEXY; and naturally he lives in another damn state!” Chuckling she sits beside me on the bed and pats my leg, “It’ll be ok sis, you’ll find someone closer. In the meantime, have sexy long-distance fun with this one.” Throwing a pillow at her as she laughs and walks out the room I yell, “It’s not the same!” I can’t exactly bite him through text, I mumble to myself.


I jump up to grab my phone off the dresser. “Hey gorgeous, what are you doing?” Wishing I could sink my teeth into that smart mouth of yours, I think to myself. “Oh, nothing, just laying here bored. You?” I reply back to him. Hearing my phone Ding again, I look to see he’s sent a picture. A picture of him driving. Lord, why does he have to be so damn cute? I quickly smooth my hair down and take a quick pic to send in reply. “Shouldn’t you be busy being productive?” He replies back.

“Writer’s Block! Any suggestions on a sexy blog?”

I ask him. He quickly responds asking about previous blogs. I tell him and send him a link to my blog site. “How about the long-distance friend” he responds. Hmm, considering all the naughty things that go through my mind when he texts or calls, that could probably work. He offers to send some non-nudity pictures for inspiration- Umm yes please, I think to myself. The pictures show up and I immediately start choke on my drink.


“Holy shit, now I really want to bite him!” I exclaim. My sister comes running up to the door, “Are you ok? You sounded like you were dying.” Still coughing I show her my phone. He’s sent two extremely sexy shirtless pics. The boy has abs for days and I’d like nothing better than to lick ever single one, repeatedly. “Oh yummy, do you need instructions on how to taste this one or do you need me to show you how,” my sister says with a grin.

“Give me my phone and get out!”

Shoving her out of the room, I quickly lock the door. “Damn boy, I wasn’t expecting that. Not sure what I was expecting but it wasn’t that. You’ve got me all sorts of flustered.” I text to him. He laughs and admits to finding it amusing. It’s hard to focus on anything else except this need to run my lips, tongue, and mouth over every single inch of him. My panties are getting more damp by the minute. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anyone so badly so damn quickly.

“Maybe they could have a sexy video call”

I text him. That could work. I send him a pic of me in lingerie and tell him to choose one. We flirt back and forth a few more times and then he has to get back to work. I look long and hard between my desk and my bed- Should I self-pleasure or write my blog? That is the question. Yes, its not as good as if he was here to do it for me, but he has me so worked up I can barely focus. I lay back on the bed and close my eyes, immediately picturing the yummy goodness that is him.

“Oh yes”

Moaning, I slide my hand down inside my panties. Rubbing on my aching clit, I am so wet that I don’t need any lube. Dipping my finger into my tight, wet pussy. Imagining its him instead. It doesn’t take long for the orgasm to take over my body. Leaving me trembling and wanting more, so much more.

Later that evening

He messages again, asking how the blog is coming along. I admit that I haven’t done much because I was too flustered. We flirt back and forth, and I cannot help but wish he was closer. I don’t normally sleep with someone this soon, but I’d jump him. He almost seems too good to be true. We start sending pictures and messages talking about things we’d do. Running my tongue across my teeth, as I think of all the naughty things, I’d like to do to him. I could spend hours nibbling and sucking my way down his body. Sucking on his…

I hope you enjoyed my true story of my sexy time with my long distance friend. Come back on Friday for The Long Distance Friend- Part Two. If you can’t wait, or just want to hear it in my sexy voice, you can purchase the whole blog in audio form here. In the meantime, you should check out Emily’s blogs for some super sexy stories.

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