The Giantess – Part 2

As always, if you haven’t ready part 2, then read it here before going any further.

Where I left off was where you finally realized how much of a BIG mistake you made. The pun most definitely intended! It’s your problem not mine. Although I’m annoyed that another one of you villagers has come unannounced I’m still going to have some fun! I think you have realized now that there’s no getting out of this situation.

You look so funny as I squeeze you in the palm of my hand. Crying and screaming. I’m barely squeezing you! And yet the force of my grip causes you extreme pain. Well, you should have known better than to enter the cave of the Giantess. No one makes it out alive. NO ONE.

One thing you should know about a Giantess is that she is a very sexual being.

We have a huge appetite for sexual pleasure. We often gain that pleasure from little twerps like yourself. How? Well, I must admit that I have an evil mind with many naughty thoughts inside. I’m already thinking of all the ways I will have you pleasure me! First, let me just use my other hand to rip your clothes off. It only takes my massive index finger and thumb to pull away every stitch of clothing.

Now you’re even more vulnerable, aren’t you? Hahaha! As I stand tall I bring you closer to my face. I can see that your tiny dick is flaccid but I don’t it will be for much longer. Allow me to help with that! So, I bring your flaccid penis and balls to my mouth. I begin licking and sucking on them. You have no choice but to get hard for Giantess Ruby. Doesn’t that feel good? The strong suction from my mouth, the warm moistness from my large tongue, all over your junk. I think you’re beginning to enjoy this!

You have no idea what I have planned next.

It turns me on, doing this to such a tiny being like yourself. All this sucking and licking while watching you squirming is making my pussy wet! It’s a good thing I’m just in my panties. That means it’s easy access for you! Hahaha, did you really think I was going to have you try sticking your mini dick inside me? You and I both know that won’t do shit. I have something else in mind that is much more productive.

With one hand I force your entire body into the crotch area of my panties. You try kicking, punching, biting, but it only feels good to me! This is what I like to call “foreplay” before the real fun begins. My warm pussy lathers you in it’s sweet juices. I’m getting so hot and bothered! I think it’s time to slip off my panties and see how good of a little “fuck toy” you are.

So, I grab you with one hand while using the other to pull down the panties. I walk over to my mountain of a bed and spread my long legs. I’m so horny! Say hello to your new home, you tiny bitch. With much force I jam you in head first into my swollen cunt. It feels even better when you kick and scream. I’m going to fuck myself with your entire body until I’m satisfied! You might not be able to breath for long but I don’t care. You villagers are fools. There will always be more of you coming to my cave. Now you get to drown in my sweet nectar, little one!

Get the audio and listen to me fuck myself with your itty bitty body.

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