The Giantess – Part 1

On the outskirts of a small village supposedly lives a giantess in a large and spooky cave. That is what the word is around the village, anyway. Anyone who goes in never comes out. This fact alone certainly keeps most people away. The ones who don’t take the warning seriously never live to tell the tale.

So, why do people think a giantess lives there? Well, no one has actually seen her. They can only speculate what lives in the cave. However, many people in the village have said they heard thunderous footsteps coming from inside the cave. Sometimes the villagers can hear what sounds like a woman laughing. But it is quite loud and sounds like it’s coming from something that must be huge in size.

It’s been driving you crazy for so long wondering what lurks in there. You have tried staying away and it’s worked for a while. But now curiosity has gotten the best of you. So one night you decide to slip into the shadows, away from the village, and enter the Giantess cave. Just before you enter, you stand there, gazing into the large black hole of the cave’s entrance. You begin to wonder if this is really a good idea. Deep down you know this might not end well. But you don’t want to turn back now.

With your torch to light the way you begin to slowly walk inside.

It is cold and quiet. As you walk further inside you notice two large tunnels. One is completely dark while you see what looks like a firelight reflecting further down the other tunnel. You wonder to yourself if you should just turn back now. But you can’t. You refuse to leave because you have to find out who or what lives here.

So you start walking towards the light. The torch is still in your hand. You begin shaking but you try to tell yourself everything will be okay. What a fool you were! Suddenly you hear what sounds like a woman’s voice humming. A woman of much, much larger size. So you begin thinking to yourself “Is it really true what the villagers say? Could there really be such thing as a giantess?”

Before you have time to think any more about the situation the humming stops. Suddenly you stop walking and get very quiet. Hoping that whatever is down the tunnel won’t notice the flickering light of your torch. But it’s too late.

My massive head peeks from the corner to see your minuscule body standing there, shaking.

An evil grin appears across my face. Of course, you try running away from me like the fool you are. But there’s no running away from GIANTESS RUBY. I quickly extend my arm, reaching for you. You’re in my grasp now and there’s no way I will be letting you go!

Now that I have you in my massive hand I can show you all the other fools who were curious. Just like you! You can see their tiny bones crushed. Their miniature skulls all over the floor of my lair. I can’t wait to have fun with you, little one!

The audio is available to purchase if you rather not wait for part 2 on Thursday.

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