The Diary of a Stuffie – Part 1

My name is Gizmo, I am a stuffie, and this is my dairy. I keep it hidden behind the dresser in my owner’s room where I spend most of my days and nights. I am a bunny and my tag says I am made of 100% new materials. Someone who didn’t read the part about not removing this tag took off, my tag before I came here to live with my owner. I don’t really remember much about it before. I ended up in a box with some other stuffed friends of mine. It was a warm sunny day and very bright outside. I remember a lot of hands picking me up and putting me down and then this little girl with little hands took me out of the box and hugged me very tightly. I never saw my friends again. 

We were all sent in different directions that afternoon. Oh well, that is the life of a stuffed animal. I went home with the little girl and she took good care of me. She told me that first night that she loved me best and gave me the name, Gizmo. I have lived here with her for many years now. Every night she still hugs me and tells me she loves me the best. I am not sure how all my other stuffed buddies feel about hearing that night after night but if they hold any animosity towards her, or me they hold it in. Mostly I don’t spend too much time with them anyway. I have my own place. My own chair. It’s small and made of wood painted red and it has a high back and is taller than my ears.

It makes me so happy that I am still her favorite stuffie.

I became somewhat of a plaything to her in the last year or so. One night, I don’t recall quite when. She sat me in my chair so I could watch her brushing her hair. My girl is pretty though, I think so anyway. She has a male friend and I bet he thinks so too. My girl tells me about him a lot and I listen carefully and never interrupt. She tells me I am a good listener and then kisses me on my head. It’s just something she does. He kisses her too. In all sorts of ways. She says she sometimes will come just by one kiss on her slit by her boyfriend. She then closes her eyes and lets out a long sigh. I guess that is good.

Well, one night after she was out on a date thing with him she came home and sat me on my chair. She brushed her hair as usual and then she got undressed. I try to look the other way so as not to embarrass her but she doesn’t seem to mind and will freely take all her clothing off and pace around her room naked. She put on her blue nightie. I like that very much as it feels cozy and soft against my fur. She took me up in her arms and hugged me to her bare chest and kissed my head like she always does. My nose was pressing up against the side of her left breast and I couldn’t breathe. She hugged me even tighter and started moving me up and down on her nipple. 


To be continued…


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  1. Anonymous May 17, 2023 at 2:52 pm

    I’ll be your stuffie.


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