The Demon Chloe Is On The Hunt-part 2 Let the darknesss enter your mind and soul!

I disappear from behind you watching your body ease a bit. I reappear, standing before you, my body taking my pure naked form. My haunting voice ringing like heavenly bells in your ears. “Finally…a man who can satisfy me.” I edge my way closer, leaving red ink footprints with every step. Your eyes trapped by my hypnotizing physique. Trailing down every curve, and wishing to touch me. Frozen in your stance, forever desperate for your fingers to graze my shimmering skin. “you…look like someone I could hurt for days.” I lull soothingly. Your head nods as if you just heard the most pleasing thing in the world. The darknesss already far too deep into your mind and soul. You can’t even tell im a dangerous viper.


Well, it was always said the devil was the most beautiful snake. A snake that lurks in the darknesss.


Here I stand, mere inches from your body. You raise your hand in what feels like slow motion. I can hear your thoughts clear as day. How your so desperate to touch something so forbidden. “are you an angel?” he manages to say. I let out a dark laugh of pure amusement. You think me an angel? I lean in your face, my lips brushing against yours. Can you feel the heat that radiates from me? Can you sense I’m nothing but a deadly poison? I breathe my dark mist down your throat. The darknesss now taking control from the inside. “This skin looks good on you….but It would look better on my bedroom floor.” I whisper on your soft lips. A Little whimper escapes you. “I’m far from ‘Angel’”


Finally, my enjoyment, of your pain can begin. I take my claws, and simply brush them against your face and you gasp as I strip the very essence from your body into mine. I moan feeling your slow agony. Black veins form on your face and I know you feel the darknesss inside you. My darknesss. “please…” a pained whisper. I  lean into your ear, still drawing your lifeline in my hand. My body overflowing with pleasure.


“you really don’t know someone. Until they beg for mercy from the darknesss.”


I remove my red glowing claws from your face reluctantly and allow you to breathe. I watch as you wobble considering passing out. “Oh dear..we can’t have that now can we?” an evil gin that spreads from ear to ear. “I want to hear you say these words puppet, ‘I belong to you’” and eagerly, you reply without even thinking of your consequences. “I belong to you.”

Honestly, it’s not really fair considering your not in your right mind to make such lovely promises. Know my darknesss has entered your mind, knowing its making you say and do whatever I wish. I bend down and get on my knees. “pull your pants down for me puppet.” I command. Your fingers fidget around with the button and finally, you pull your cock out.


“oh, you’re big. think off all the places this can go.”  I tease. My darknesss radiating from me.

I wrap my mouth around your cock and again the frenzy starts. You groan from pain, and I am filled with ecstasy. My hands slid under your shirt and around your backside and I pull you closer to me. I pull off “oh yes” I moan. “make me feel your agony!” and go back to sucking on you. Do you feel your life slipping away down my throat? Little by little the flame in you is going out, while my flame burns brighter. Now you understand the stories that were told. you feel my true darknesss emerging.

Now you become afraid of me and try to pull me away. Me and my darknesss clutching on you so tightly.


My body begs for more pleasure so I sink my claws into your back piercing down to your spine. Draining the precious red your body holds. My body orgasms just as you scream for mercy. Tasting the cum that coats my throat. I pull off of you and rise up to your face, my claws still latched into your skin. The darknesss entangling us both.  “that was fun” I whisper and place my poisonous lips on yours and taste the last little life you had left in you. I take out my claws and listen to your limp body fall on the floor. “Such a shame…I really wish you could’ve lasted longer. Oh well”. I laugh and disappear into the shadows, Into the cloaking darknesss, awaiting my next love.

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