The Demon Chloe Is On The Hunt – Part 1 Let the darkness enter your mind and soul!

Deep from the shadows, I watch you frightened by my haunting laughter that echoes these halls. Watching you stumble in the dark, your heart hunting for me. Your body begging to be touched by my hand. Humph. Foolish little man. You don’t know what you’re asking for. The darkness will consume you in time.

Those stories you’ve heard about me, you can’t believe they’re true and despite what everyone has told you; You still sought me out. Through suffering, they come to love me. Every. Single. One.


I know their stories say I do this out of hate.  They couldn’t be more wrong. its not hate that fuels me, but love. Passion. A fire burning inside me. Every kill is just…a lover that didn’t work out.


Ah, how their screams made me tingle. I used every part of their torment for my pleasure. Nothing wasted. Not even their deaths. Without the pain, how would they know pleasure? Every one of their minds said  ‘no’ but their bodies said ‘flay me alive’. Each one secretly enjoying the darkness.


 Just the same as you, my newfound toy.



Can you feel it? Can your mind sense me? Pulling you closer into the depths of the shadows? Yes little man, keep circling, keep looking for me. You’ll soon find what your heart wrongfully aches for. You humans all look the same in the darkness.  I allow a mist to fall to the floor, like snakes seeking you out.


Hungry for your fear. Hungry to give you a taste of the darkness.


You hear my laughs echo once more, and I hear your heartbeat even faster. Your breath is ragged. Such a lovely rhythm. I could almost dance to the noise. Watch my mist circle your feet. How it trails up your legs and clings to your body like ink. Feel the poison enter your mind. feel it clouding your judgment. Feel it in your lungs when you cough. How your chest must burn and ache.  How it drags you to your knees. Can you feel the darkness? Can you feel its enticing warmth? It’s false security? What you don’t know won’t hurt you…yet. It’s a taste, a little taste of heaven…before the hell.


Yes. I am in control. You sense that now. I have had control the entire time you’ve been in my presence. One touch of desire, that’s all I need and my powers will grow hungrily.  Yes, look around with your eager eyes, though you will never find me unless I allow otherwise.  That’s it love, let your guard down. Let the darkness enter.


 Open your heart to me, now is when my darkness can begin to have fun!


The mist like a tornado now, circles you, and I can begin to make my move.  My body in the form of a shadow not yet taking form, trails behind you. Your body instantly becomes rigid. Your hair standing on end. Do you sense my red diamond-like eyes on you?  Can you feel me standing behind you the heat of my body messing with your mind? Do you sense my erotic darkness entangling you?


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