The Cuckolding of Walt Marcus – As Told By His Phone Mistress – Part2

The New Rules

Soon David would be coming to the house every single night.  He would be spending the night and taking over the master bedroom where Walt used to sleep with Meagan.  Even on that first night, Walt was required to sleep in the hallway right outside the door in the event that the happy couple needed anything in the middle of the night.  Meanwhile, the cuckolding of Walt had already begun and now was in full effect.

I think that Walt was enjoying this.  Given that a little bit of pressure and the day-to-day decision-making has been taken away from him by a real man, he was blossoming into a good little cuckold.  I think Walt enjoyed every single minute of it.  I remember when he called me to tell me that David was moving in full time.  And he had to move all of David’s belongings into their house that weekend.

Walt is given a list of daily chores and duties specific to David.  Every day Devid reminded him that he was just a boy with a little dick.  To have the privilege of being near a real man means that Walt needs to still go to work every day to maintain the household financially.  Walt’s paycheck gets deposited straight into David’s bank account, and now David and Meagan control all the household finances.  Walt is given a weekly allowance.  And, when the whiney cuckold complains,  I remind him: happy wife, happy life.  Not every man can provide their wife with a satisfying sex life.

Walt’s Small Penis

Walt is not convinced that he deserves to be a cuckold.  We discussed that he was underestimating that as a diminutive man with that tiny micro penis wasn’t satisfying his wife at all.  Because Meagan has found a black man that she loves, she will never go back to being with Walt. He will just have to be content with eating David’s cum out of her pussy every day.  David has moved in, is here to stay and he’s in control of everything.  Most importantly, Walt would need to submit and enjoy the time he has with his wife and a new master.

Worshiping Black Cock

Although it is considered, by most, very demoralizing to just watch and wait while another man is plowing your wife over and over again every night; Walt likes it.  He gets to enjoy hearing the moans of ecstasy and satisfaction from his wife, knowing he isn’t the one doing it.  The truth is, he loves that David is fucking his wife, and he loved looking at David’s huge black dick.  He is often compelled to stand as close to David as he can to compare the size, girth, and weight of both of their dicks together.  Little cuckold Walt admitted to enjoying David’s cum out of Meagan’s pussy, but I believe he obsesses about wanting David’s cock himself. His sole goal is to please him and his wife.

The Cuckolding Continues

Currently, David lives full time in the house with Megan and Walt.  Walt has assigned chores and has rules he must follow.  David allows him to call phone sex to play with his teenie weenie peepee while he’s dreaming about David’s big black cock.  Unfortunately, Walt does have a hard time learning how to follow David’s rules.   Also, when he doesn’t follow them, David whips him to tears.  The cuckolding of Walt Marcus continues as Meagan is now pregnant with David’s child, and Walt will need to learn how to babysit next.


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