The Cuckolding of Walt Marcus – As Told By His Phone Mistress

Walt is Distressed

Walt called the Phone Sex Temple in hopes of finding a mistress to help him get his wife back.  After reading his story, you will agree that due to cuckolding Walt; there is no way he will ever be with his wife again.  Walt called to ask for advice.  He was upset because he thought that his wife went out with her girlfriends and picked up a random guy to have sex with.  Actually, it was worse.  His wife, Meagan, had been going clubbing with her girlfriends and had been getting fucked by every dick in town.  Not just any random guy or every dick, but specifically big black cock.

Walt noticed that when she came home from one of these nights out, she was super horny.  He asked for sex from her but she only wanted him to eat her pussy.  When that happens, he claims that every night that he tasted her, she tasted different.  When he asked why,  I told the truth.  I told him that she was either with a different guy or several guys at the same time.  I told him that he was officially a cuckold.

When I asked why his wife would be stepping out for some fun, he confessed that he had a small penis.  It was obvious that Meagan began to cuckold her small dicked husband.  He didn’t understand, because they were in love.  I couldn’t believe how naïve he was.  I had to remind him that having a teeny weeny peeny, a little guy, a pygmy prick has been the reason for many a wife to seek more and sometimes leave.  He panicked a little but decided to wait and see.

The Humiliation of a Small Penis

The cuckolding of Walt Marcus was not a-typical.  His behavior was to stay at home and wait for wifey to get back from her night out.  He would then follow her everywhere, asking a relentless barrage of questions.  Marcus shared with me that about a month after her last club visit, his wife was starting to taste the same each time, just not how he remembered.

On this night Walt had started to devour his wife’s pussy and noticed not only that it was gaped quite a bit more than usual, but also that she was creaming all over his tongue.   She was feeding him a big fat tasty cream pie and that’s when he knew for sure that she had been having sex outside their marriage.  There was a huge load of cum inside her and she was pushing it right out onto Walt’s tongue looking down and holding his face right at her creamy hole so she made sure he ate all of it. The next day Meagan invited her new boyfriend to the house

A Real Man of the House

David is a tall strong handsome black man.  Walt was a little nervous to meet him but decided that he would make a lovely dinner for them all.  He set about cleaning the house making sure everything was in order and was curious because at that point he didn’t know that this man was his wife’s new boyfriend. When David came for dinner, he asserted himself immediately and he made sure to tell Walt to clean up after himself and everybody else. When Walt was done with clean-up, he went into the living room and found his wife giving David a blow job on the living room couch.

David told Walt is to go sit in the corner and watch while he fed his wife.  I think Walt said he was really turned on. I don’t know if he was more turned on by that big huge black cock pumping his wife’s throat or if he was so turned on that she was the one sucking it.  Walt was quickly learning his place.  David would be coming over more and more frequently after that. Soon he would be coming to the house every single night.  This was the beginning of the cuckolding of Walt Marcus.


Part 2 will be available on Friday.  If you can’t wait, you may purchase the audio here.  If you can’t get enough cuckolding stories, check out this true story.

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