The Break-in – Chrissy Took Control – Part1

I Brought My Whip

I was nervous but ready the night of the break-in, and Chrissy took control.  I had been practicing my whip skills all evening and needed a break.  After a quick shower it was time to reward myself with some dress up time.  I loved putting together a whole look and I wanted to see what my new gift would look like on.   It was sexy, and it was fun imagining how the back of my new bustier would get untied.  Suddenly, I thought I heard something crash downstairs.  Quickly putting on my robe and grabbing my whip, I headed for the landing.

I Discovered and Confronted My Invaders

Imagine my surprise when I saw two dark figures squeezing thru a broken window next to the front door.  Bold, I thought, to walk up to a lighted front door of a house in the age of camera security systems.  These two idiots smashed the window next to the front door to break-in and invade a house that may or may not be inhabited. They had no idea what they had done, who they were messing with, or what was in store for them.  As I crept down the stairs, I could hear them discussing which things they could pawn for cash

“You two morons thought you could break into my house and try to rob me?” I said cooly while uncoiling the whip in my hand.  In front of me in my living room stood two men shocked out of their minds.  Mouths agape, they were frozen but still defiant looking as they tried to grasp what was before them.

Annoyed at the break-in, I smiled and thought – just the way I like ‘em.  I take the whip and crack it into the air above their heads, and they both jump as if they were shot and crouch to the floor. The short one– the cute one, apologized. “We-we’re sorry,” he mumbled.  I leaned down to his level and grabbed his chin, “sorry doesn’t buy me a new window now does it?” I turned his face to look at the broken window. “See that? I have a draft now. Can you feel that frigid breeze?” I asked as I tightened my robe. “Yeah? Fun fact, you’re not supposed to feel the wind blowing through your house, especially in the dead of winter.”  Then, I noticed the larger (dumber one) start to move towards me, and I took the whip and cracked it again in front of him – stopping him in his tracks and letting them both know my anger at this annoyance.

I Took Control

“You two are in big trouble,”  I said.  “Not only have you broken my window and broke-in to my house to attempt to steal from me, but now you have disrupted the calm serenity of my home, and THAT I will not abide.  However, I’m a fair person, and if you can work off the cost of fixing that window, I MAY not call the police.  Unless, of course, you have $2k on you right now?”  The two would-be burglars shook their heads no.

I decided to take control and make them squirm.   “Well, I suggest you do as I say if you want to stay out of jail tonight.  Kiss my feet” I commanded. They both looked at me in surprise, but eagerly the smaller one crawled over and started with my left foot. “Don’t smear your saliva all over my new high heeled boots”. I said warning him. I looked over to the taller one who was sitting there still shocked but clearly trying to assess his next move. I straightened up my posture. “Did I stutter?” I asked darkly. “You want to pay me back right?” he nodded. “ Then do what I command and I may let your ass off the hook.”

Slowly he eased over and started timidly kissing my other foot. “There, that wasn’t so hard now was it?” I had to keep my eye on this one, as he was starting to get a little handsy.  I was thinking that I could toy with them and have a little fun for myself.  No, it wasn’t enough.  These two trolls were going to pay.


Interested in what happens next?  Part 2 will be available on Sunday.  If you just can’t wait until then, why not purchase the audio version of this story with tons of added juicy bits you can’t read here.  Want more stories about women who take control?  Check out this steamy story.  Would you like Chrissy to take control of you?  Call her directly at 877-700-2175.

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