The Break-In – Chrissy Took Control -Part 2

I Would Assert My Dominance

The burglars had me rattled at first, but I had to take control.  My anger and annoyance only strengthened my resolve to teach these two a lesson.  Grabbing a chair, I pushed the bottom wrung into the fat one’s neck as I sat on it to help restrain him.  Then I pressed my heel into his sac a little more to make sure he could feel the pain of my stiletto beginning to puncture him – and to remind him who’s really in charge.  I needed to dominate him.

“Thank you young one,” I said politely as he handed me the knife I had asked for. “D-dan,” he said terrified. I smiled, “ with your good behavior I suppose you’ve earned your name, ‘Dani’.” He went to correct me about his name and I frowned, raised my eyebrow, and tightened my grip on the whip. Smartly, he changed his mind and sat back on the floor.

I Had to Use My Whip

These burglars needed to be dominated.  I turned my attention back to the hostage under my foot. Then I took the knife and slid it under his shirt popping each button. “You, however, have not earned your name. You’re like a puppy that needs training.” I hesitated for a second. “Puppy…that’s your new name.” He decided to spit in my face and I have to say that was not his smartest decision. Taking control again to dominate, I raised my whip and with perfect precision I cracked it, letting the tip graze his face, leaving a beautiful tiny cut on his cheek. With shaking hands he wiped away the red liquid that began to drip down his face.

“Dani!” I said moving my foot from the man’s pants to his chest to push off as I plopped back down on the chair that was holding him down. “do me a favor little Dani, remove Puppy’s pants, Now.” He looked at me pleadingly, hesitation in his eyes. “NOW!” and I cracked the whip above his head. “You broke my window, and you were going to steal from me. Do what I say and maybe I won’t turn you into the cops.” I said smiling sweetly with a dark twist in my voice. He crawled over to the mutt and unbuttoned his pants. He pulled down both jeans and boxers revealing how excited he really was. “Oh wow Puppy.  Aren’t you just a happy little thing?” I teased.

They Needed a Lesson

I looked at Dani and I noticed he was also a little excited about the situation.  This could go one of two ways.  The sudden lick of cold air on the back of my neck reminded me of my disdain.  They needed this lesson.

“Suck him,” I commanded Dani.  I could feel the whelp under me begin to struggle.  “Bitch! Fuck off! Haven’t you done enough to us as is?!” The mutt barked from underneath me. I lifted up my foot to take off my boot and shoved my barefoot in his mouth. “No one asked you, Bad Puppy!” Dani obeys without hesitation and took the cock deep into his mouth, Sucking on it intensely. The bad dog was squirming underneath me but between me and Dani, we were able to hold him down. I felt the slightest vibrations of what could possibly be a moan. I bent over, knife still in hand, and I caressed his cheek. Darkly I seethed and whispered in his ear, “don’t you dare enjoy this.”

Chrissy Was in Total Control

I stood back up and smiled keeping a sharp eye on the new pooch. “Dani! Faster!” I demanded and cracked the whip above his head. He picked up his pace and suddenly the puppy tensed up and I knew he was close. “Dani…you have done well. You may stroke your cock while you suck him.” I said rewarding his good behavior. He popped up his head “yes, Miss Chrissy” and went back down continuing his job eagerly as well as hurrying to please himself.

It was good to take control.  I sat back and allowed the two of them to rest for a moment, and as I stood and removed the chair from the pup’s face and chest, I said “Now…. you two inept window breaking bitches, get the hell out of my house!” I shouted and cracked the whip as hard and as loud as I could.  As they reached for their clothes, I cracked the whip at their hands.  The two of them scurried like ants and ran out the front door naked into the frozen night with only their shoes on.

Standing in the doorway, cracking my whip I yelled to them … “If you ever want to play again, you know where I am. “   To this day, they have not returned.   At least I’ve saved the security cam footage to enjoy watching on days when I get bored.


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